By Ali Hosseinzadeh 

Current music scene

February 19, 2020 - 17:56

In my opinion, music is an expression of inner feelings and emotions and each individual chooses a music based on their level of understanding. 

Sometimes, I hear of critics and their reviews stating that the ambiance of the current music scene is, overall, a dismal one and is put under scrutiny. 

However, if critics seek with much more care and diligence, they will find that there are many worthwhile musical compositions that are timeless. 

However, because of not having the appropriate media and exposure, finding such works has become a difficult task. Because of this lack of exposure and attention, a lot of great music goes unheard, unsupported and eventually end up vanishing. 

When there aren’t any media outlets whose focus and productivity is solely music, then how can timeless music be created or supported?

In the past, because of the lack in technology, the work pace would be slow, the quality of work would be subpar and mediocre, respectively. 

However, nowadays, everything is of better quality in comparison to the past. In this new era, if we don’t stay current and with the times, then we will not find a strong musical audience. 

Another topic that needs mentioning is in regards to changes within the world of music. From the past to the present and even one generation to the next, the type and style of music has changed. 

This is something that has occurred in many countries of the world and not just ours. For example, many countries strive to preserve and promote (Western) classical music. 

Even with all their efforts they witness immense waves of musical styles. Such musical waves may seem garish in contrast but many powerful and beautiful songs emerge and gain a huge fan base. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that; we must accept that the rate of technological growth has differed from the past. For this reason, we must stay current with time and technology. This is the key to staying relevant among fan base. 

Also, instead of expressing dissatisfaction for one another and putting each other under scrutiny, our sole focus should be on raising the bar of excellence of this worthy art.

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