Refrigerators, freezers manufacturing climbs 6.3%

February 22, 2020 - 17:20

TEHRAN- Manufacturing of refrigerators and freezers in Iran has risen 6.3 percent during the first ten months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21, 2019-January 20, 2020), from the same period of time in the previous year.

According to the data provided by Industry, Mining and Trade Ministry, 900,621 refrigerators and freezers have been manufactured in the ten-month period of this year, IRNA reported.

Manufacturing of these products in the country has been on an increasing trend in the present year and all reports released by the Industry Ministry have indicated this rising trend for the specified periods of time in this year compared to the previous year.

As the current Iranian calendar year of 1398 is named the year of "Pickup in Production" by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and given that realization of this motto toward Iran’s self-reliance is in fact the only way to tackle the U.S. cruel sanctions, all governmental bodies have defined programs to boost and flourish domestic production and are seriously pursuing them.

In this due, the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade has defined seven major plans to materialize this significant objective, among them the most important one which is development of domestic production has specified programs for boosting production of products in different sectors.

For home appliances, the set program is manufacturing of 1,000 refrigerators, 800,000 washing machines, and 300,000 gas fireplace stoves in the current Iranian year (ends on March 19, 2020).

As the import of many products of this group has been banned, it could be an opportunity for domestic manufacturers to promote their products, something which will lead not only to self-reliance but also to high quality of products which will create export markets.

Foreign companies leaving Iran under the sanctions is also an opportunity for the Iranian companies to be reinvigorated.

South Korea’s LG Electronics and Samsung have ended their presence in the Iranian market over the past few months, abiding by the U.S. pressures for cutting ties with one of their biggest markets.

The withdrawal of Samsung and LG from Iran not only is not a bad thing for the country but can be considered a blessing for the domestic production sector.

Iran was among the top producers of home appliances in the Middle East for more than 85 years and long before the establishment of companies like Samsung and LG, major Iranian companies were mass-producing home appliances.

Therefore, the departure of the Asian companies from the Iranian market can be considered a new opportunity for domestic companies to, once again, come to the spotlight for showcasing their capabilities and benefit from a market that belongs to them.


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