Memoires of Iranian woman commander published in French

March 1, 2020 - 18:33

TEHRAN – The memoirs of Fatemeh Jushi when she was the commander of women’s Basij Organization in Abadan during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war has recently been published in French. 

Iranian scholar Alieh Sabaghian is the translator of “Number Five” published by the Sacred Defense Research Center and Archives. 

Morteza Ghazi wrote the original Persian book based on narratives from Jushi in 2016. The book describes the role of women’s volunteer forces in the southern cities of Abadan and Khoramshahr during the war, which is known in Iran as the Sacred Defense. 

“As Islamophobia and Iranophobia are being promoted in the world, translating such books, which give a real image of the Sacred Defense, seems necessary,” Ghazi said during a review session held in Tehran on Saturday. 

Photo: Front cover of the Persian version of the “Number Five” by Iranian writer Morteza Ghazi.


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