By Mohammad Mazhari

Iraq’s reality, future require withdrawal of U.S. occupiers

April 19, 2020 - 10:4

TEHRAN– Deputy Secretary-General of the Iraqi Al-Nujaba Movement emphasized that the project of ousting US forces out of Iraq is a reality in the future of the country and hopes of an honorable and free life will not be fulfilled without it.

The deployment change of the US terrorist forces in Iraq and their focus on Ain al-Asad airbase indicate their efforts to implement new conspiracies against the Resistance and to stay out of the reach of their missiles. However, based on the legislation of the Iraqi parliament, US troops must leave the country.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, Deputy Secretary-General of the Al-Nujaba Movement Nasr Al-Shammari discussed this issue as follows.

Q: How do you assess the recent US moves in Iraq and do you think these can be seen as the beginning of US withdrawal from the country?

A: Regarding the recent US moves in Iraq, it should be noted that this is not about retreating, but only the redistribution of forces so that the occupiers are far from the reach of the Resistance.

However, it is obvious that the American occupiers are delusional and they will be within reach of the Resistance forces everywhere and the only choice for them is withdrawal from the Iraqi territory, especially as it has not been long since their experience in 2011 when they had to withdraw from Iraq to the last border zone due to the pressure of the Resistance forces.

Q:  What are your views and prediction regarding the formation of the Iraqi cabinet? Didn't the Iraqi Shiite groups agree on Mr. Adnan al-Zurfi?

A: There was no Shiite consensus on Mr. al-Zurfi, and everyone agreed that he would not be confirmed and eventually he resigned as prime minister.

Q: Do you think it is possible that US forces withdraw from Iraq?

A: The reality and future of Iraq require the withdrawal of US forces, moreover, the hopes of an honorable and free life will not be materialized for the Iraqi nation in the presence and domination of the American occupiers. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq considers it a sacred and religious duty to do whatever it can in this regard and the American occupiers know the power and insistence of them better than anyone.

In addition to its military equipment and fighter jets, the US has about 200,000 troops in Iraq. However, the Resistance has continued its path by giving thousands of Martyrs and prisoners and has never stopped. They could oust the occupiers out of the country in the past, and today stronger than ever with more experience and more advanced weapons, they are confronting an enemy that is weaker than before. Therefore, the expulsion of the occupiers from Iraq is certain and we will see it with our own eyes.  

Q: What are the achievements of the Resistance groups in the fight against the coronavirus and helping the Iraqi nation in terms of health care?

A: If we want to list the activities and groups involved in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus, we should mention the following:
1. Health and medical staff that are directly involved in the fight against COVID-19 and helping the patients.
2. Security agencies involved in the fight against the virus by adopting necessary measures such as preventing public gatherings and commute.
3. Hashd al-Sha’abi forces that are responsible for disinfecting thousands of cities and providing food for poor families. They are also participating in the process of burying the bodies of coronavirus patients.

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