By Mohammad Mazhari

S. Arabia, U.S. want Iraq to be hostile to Iran, al-Nujaba says 

August 9, 2020 - 14:10

TEHRAN- Al-Nujaba spokesman says that the most important thing Saudi-American alliance want from the Iraqi government is to declare hostility to the Islamic Republic of Iran."

On June 27, Britain's ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hickey, who has served in the post since last September, posted a tweet against what he called "militia groups."

Hickey incited Iraqi people to turn their backs on Hashd al-Shaabi, accusing the organization of strengthening its grip on war-torn Iraq.

In response, Nasr al-Shammari, the al-Nujaba's deputy military chief, urged the senior diplomat to keep his views to himself. 

"Stop lying and mind your own business and represent your old country as a diplomat," al-Shammari warned.

In this regard, Shammari tells the Tehran Times that the British ambassador always violates his diplomatic job and interferes in Iraqi domestic affairs. 

"He still dreams that his country is a great empire, forgetting that it is just a servile and petty follower of America and that it has no significant value in the global balance of power except through this subordination," Shammari points out.

He says a passive position by Iraqi officials has allowed for such meddling, which is considered a violation of diplomatic norms and an underestimation of Iraq's sovereignty.

 Shammari asked Ambassador Hickey to hear another voice from the nation that would make him more cautious about what he says.

Al-Nujaba spokesman says the U.S. and its proxies in the region accuse everyone who opposes their imperialist, colonial, and arrogant policies of various charges. On labeling Iraqi groups or individuals as "terrorists," he notes that the U.S. and its proxies in the region accuse everyone who opposes their imperialist, colonial, and arrogant policies of various charges.

On July 28, the Daily Telegraph referred to Shammari's statements as the official spokesman for the Islamic Resistance movement of Harakat al-Nujaba, which he addressed to the British ambassador. 

"Our message is directed to Britain and the U.S.," he stresses." We, as a free country, will not accept any form of the mandate, whether from arrogant countries or international institutions controlled by powerful countries, and no matter what they try to distort the reality, interfere or incite, and whatever their proxies and friends delude them, Iraq will not play a subordinate role, and this land will never be safe for their forces."

He emphasizes that the people of Iraq have never forgotten their revolution against the British mandate in 1920 that humiliated them and never forget the resistance that defeated the occupation forces. 

"You (Britain) have to stop your interference in our domestic affairs. Historically, morally and ideologically, we are more capable than you, and we have all the things that you do not possess and never heard about," he says.

Responding to a question about achievements of the visit by Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi to Tehran for both Iran and Iraq, the spokesman for al-Nujaba says al-Kadhimi's visit did not bring anything new to the level of relations between the two countries.

Pointing to affinities and proximity between the two brotherly neighbors in terms of common interests, beliefs, religion, close social ties, and economic exchange, he says, "But the new thing is that the visit came after attempts of some dreamers of restoring the dictatorship of the Baath (party) and declaring hostility between the two brotherly neighbors,” Shammari remarks.

On the postponement of al-Kadhimi's visit to Saudi Arabia and the U.S., Shammari criticized the alliance between these two countries as the sponsors of terrorism. 

The biggest victim of the Saudi-American terrorism is the oppressed Iraqi people, ranging from the American invasion to the al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorism, he says, adding before them the blood-thirsty Baath regime violently suppressed the Iraqis.

"This alliance does not like to see Iraq as a master of itself and maintain balance and good neighborly relations with the surrounding countries. They want Iraq as a tool for their sick goals, ambitions, and enmities. The most important thing they want from the Iraqi government is to declare hostility to the Islamic Republic of Iran," he reveals.

In a comment on the announcement of early elections in Iraq, Shammari explains that American expectations are often unsuccessful for several reasons.

"First, American information sources are biased towards the American vision, and therefore they analyze the events based on what U.S. officials want to see,” he notes.

The second reason is that the U.S. is a country that relies on releasing wrong information to the media that are biased toward Washington and thus presents a fabricated and false image that does not indicate reality, he explains.

"Thirdly, promoting these expectations is part of the psychological war that is intended to weaken axis of resistance and to suggest to them that things are not in their interest," Shammari maintains. "Consequently, what comes out of U.S. sources is often different from reality."

According to the senior members of al-Nujaba, a vast majority of the honorable Iraqi people are still hostile to the American, British, and Zionist plans. 

"We are for holding early elections that are free and fair and without any external interference and pressure, that the results of it would shape the features of the next phase, and that in light of their results they produce a national, professional, non-sectarian government," Shammari emphasizes.

Regarding U.S.-Iraqi negotiation on withdrawal of American forces from Iraq, he tells the Tehran Times that there is a binding parliamentary decision to expel American forces and all foreign forces from Iraq and put an end to the work of the international coalition to fight ISIS inside Iraq.

"The American side and the Security Council were informed of this decision through a letter from the Iraqi government containing the same demands, accompanied by the decision of the Iraqi parliament," he says. “These decisions are not reversible from any Iraqi or American side.”

And as the prime minister indicated a few days ago, Iraq does not need any foreign forces inside its territory, because Iraqi security forces are able to achieve security and “spread it over all the Iraqi land," he asserts.

He concludes that all the American attempts are useless and will cost them more losses at the hands of the men of resistance, and they will soon be forced to surrender and leave Iraq completely.

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