Iran says Trump admin’s incompetence has imposed intolerable burden on frontline nurses

May 12, 2020 - 21:39

TEHRAN – Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Tuesday that the incompetence demonstrated by President Donald Trump’s administration has imposed intolerable burden on “frontline nurses” with insufficient protective gear.

“Today is Nurses Day. Amid COVID19, we are all indebted to sacrifice of hero nurses in Iran & across the world risking their lives to save ours. The risk is particularly noticed in U.S. where Trump Gvt. incompetence has imposed intolerable burden on frontline nurses, with insufficient equipment,” Mousavi tweeted.

According to Fars news agency, a lack of protective equipment for medical staff has become a crisis in the U.S. within the pandemic without a cohesive federal response. But while small and public hospitals across the country struggle to obtain masks and gowns for their staff, billionaire board members of large medical centers have called in favors, and states are relying on wealthy philanthropists to close the gap.

Previously, Trump told states they were on their own, and the federal government was a “back up”.

The coronavirus death toll in the United States continues to surge with 81,795 deaths and over 1,385,000 cases. The U.S. continues to lead worldwide cases and deaths from the virus.


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