Female calligrapher Maryam Kazemi inscribes entire Quran 

May 16, 2020 - 18:30

TEHRAN – Maryam Kazemi Savadkuhi has inscribed the entire Quran in the naskh style of calligraphy with golden ink and is believed to be the second female calligrapher of the world of Islam.

“I have spent about one year working almost around the clock to accomplish this copy of the Holy Quran. The entire work has been done by me, but the binding has been carried out by Ali Behdani,” she told the Persian service of Honaronline published on Saturday.

Each page measures 50x70 centimeters and all the pages have been colored with saffron. 

The book also enjoys a very valuable cover bearing gol-o-morgh paintings, a unique style of Persian painting featuring bird and floral motifs in different colors.

Kazemi said that she chose the naskh style of calligraphy because it is very fluent. In her inscription, she made use of the calligraphy style of Ahmad Neyrizi, a master of calligraphy during the 18th century. Each page has been embellished with embossed illuminations, which have been plated with gold.

“I felt a precious and everlasting work is missing in my artistic career. I thought I must inscribe something that gives me peace and tranquility. The inscription of the Quran was of great significance for me and I believe I will see its spiritual effects in my life,” she said.
Kazemi began learning calligraphy at the Chalus branch of the Iran Calligraphers Association in northern Iran in 1990, and later continued to learn calligraphic painting in Tehran.

“I have been working as a calligrapher for about 30 years and have held several exhibits of calligraphy and calligraphic paintings so far,” she concluded. 

Fariba Maqsudi from the western Iranian city of Kermanshah is considered as the first female calligrapher who inscribed the entire Quran in nastaliq style of calligraphy and was honored as the first female calligrapher of the world of Islam in 1997.

Photo: Calligrapher Maryam Kazemi Savadkuhi looks at the copy of the Holy Quran she has inscribed within a year. (Honaronline)


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