“Empire of One Voice” explores artistic career of voice actor Nasrollah Medqalchi

June 6, 2020 - 18:40

TEHRAN – The artistic career of veteran voice actor Nasrollah Medqalchi, famous for his voice of Abu Sufyan in Moustapha Akkad’s “The Message”, has been documented in “Empire of One Voice”.

“In this documentary, Medqalchi has talked about his life and his concerns, which are being heard for the first time,” director Hossein Rahmati has said.

“I have been making documentaries for 20 years, some of which have been narrated by Medqalchi,” Rahmati said.

Documentaries “Voice of Water”, “Contrast”, “Fresh Air”, “Water Migrants” and “Nest in the Way” are some of Rahmati’s documentaries narrated by Medqalchi.

“While collaborating with Medqalchi, I got to know the master better and I was interested in making a documentary on his life. I actually wanted to have a documentary as a portrait of the master,” Rahmati added.

“However, it was about 9 years ago when I asked the master to make a documentary but it was only last year that I was finally able to convince him for the documentary,” he said.

“The documentary was shot last year and it took over two months to be completed. We faced some problems at the end of the documentary which coincided with the coronavirus pandemic and the beginning of the quarantine. However it was completed,” he noted.

He added that he wants the documentary to be screened first at the Cinema Verite as well as the art and experience cinema halls and later, if supported, on television.

Medqalchi has lent his voice to Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of Lambs”, Eli Wallach in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and “Captain Haddock” in “The Adventures of Tintin”.

Photo: Voice actor Nasrollah Medqalchi acts in a scene from the documentary “Empire of One Voice” by director Hossein Rahmati.



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