“Ideal Perfection” on origins on modern despotism in Iran published 

June 24, 2020 - 18:7

TEHRAN – A book titled “Ideal Perfection or Iranian Ideals” that reviews how Iran was engulfed in despotism in the early 20th century despite its Constitutional Movement has been published.

Published by Jahane Ketab, the book also provides answers to this question why Iranian intellectuals compromised with the despotism.

Nineteen articles compiled by Reza Azari Shahrezai answer the questions.

The book begins with a preface by Kaveh Bayat, an expert on contemporary Iranian history and a translator of dozens of books on the history of Iran.

One of the articles has been written by the renowned Iranian scholar Saeed Nafisi (Naficy).

Mahmud Farahi-Davasaz, Rashid Yasemi, Rahim Safavi, Abbas Eqbal Ashtiani and Mirza Lofollah Qomi are among the scholars whose articles were selected to be published in the book.

The articles have been authored over five months from June through October in 1923.

The front cover of the book bears a photo depicting a group of top writers and founders of a number of early Iranian newspapers as one of the manifestations of democracy in Iran.

“When a society is corrupted and needs severely grab its people’s throats, they rise up. Those who are themselves corrupted lament about the rule of corruption and begin to find a solution, however, they fail to distinguish the proper way and if they can, they are not willing to pursue it,” part of an article in the book reads.

Photo: Front cover of the book “Ideal Perfection or Iranian Ideals”. 


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