Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation” published in Persian

July 5, 2020 - 18:26

TEHRAN – American filmmaker, actress, and writer Sofia Coppola’s book “Lost in Translation” has recently been published in Persian.

Ruhollah Zamzameh is the translator of the book published by Minoo in Tehran.

The book is about Bob Harris, a fading American movie star who arrives in Tokyo to appear in lucrative advertisements. He is staying at the upscale Park Hyatt Tokyo and is suffering from strains in his 25-year marriage and a midlife crisis. Charlotte, another American staying at the hotel, is a young college graduate who is accompanying her husband while he works as a celebrity photographer in Japan. Charlotte is feeling similarly disoriented as she questions her recent marriage and is unsure about her future.

Bob and Charlotte grapple with additional feelings of jetlag and culture shock in Tokyo and frequently happen upon each other in the hotel. After several chance encounters, Charlotte invites Bob into the city to meet some local friends. The two bond through a fun night in Tokyo, where they experience the city nightlife together. In the days that follow, Bob and Charlotte spend more time together and their friendship strengthens. One night, while each are unable to sleep, the two share an intimate conversation about Charlotte’s personal uncertainties and their married lives.

The pair encounter each other again in the evening, when Bob reveals that he will be leaving Tokyo the following day. 

The following morning, when Bob is leaving the hotel, he and Charlotte share sincere but unsatisfactory goodbyes.

In 2003, Coppola made a film adaptation of the story, which won her the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and the Golden Globes Best Actor award for Bill Murray for the portrayal of Bob Harris.

Photo: Cover of the Persian version of Sofia Coppola’s book “Lost in Translation”.


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