Movies from Iran to compete in Hiroshima animation festival

July 15, 2020 - 18:42

TEHRAN – Three Iranian movies will be competing in the 18th edition of the Hiroshima International Animation Festival, which will take place in the Japanese city from August 20 to 24.

Among the films are “Am I a Wolf?” by Amir-Hushang Moein and  “Crab” by Shiva Sadeq-Asadi, both produced at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.

“Am I a Wolf?” tells the story of a group of children who perform the familiar story of the wolf and the yearlings in school as a puppet show. The nanny goat grieving for its yearlings and the angry wolf in its solitude face each other.

“Crab” is about a shy schoolboy who is interested in performing in a play with his school’s theater troupe. But the only part offered to him is to play the role of a crab.

In addition, “Divinity” (“Malakout”) by Farnush Abedi will also be screened in the biennial event. It is a horror film about a pianist, who has lost one of his hands and can’t play the piano anymore. Doctors decide to transplant a dead criminal’s hand to his body. The pianist with his new hand starts killing people.

The festival offers many special programs including retrospectives of masters and talented filmmakers, feature animations, high-quality student works, animations for peace, for children, as well as seminars, symposiums, workshops, exhibitions and an educational film market.

Furthermore, the festival provides free spaces, such as “Frame In” for animation students and “Nexus Point” for animation professionals, to screen their works, make presentations and exchange ideas.

Photo: “Divinity” by Farnush Abedi is among the Iranian movies selected to screen at the 18th Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan.


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