Israel will see Iran’s upper hand if it continues airing lies, general says 

July 17, 2020 - 13:52

TEHRAN – An Iranian Armed Forces official warned on Thursday that if Israel's officials continue propagating lies about bombarding and killing Iran’s military advisors in Syria, they will see the upper hand of Iran and the resistance front in action.

Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi, the Armed Forces spokesman, made the remarks in reaction to fake reports by the Zionist regime about targeting the positions of Iran’s military advisors in Syria.

“We warn the Zionist liars and their puppeteers that if they continue their prattle, they will see the upper hand of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the resistance front in action,” Shekarchi said, according to Press TV.

The general rejected Israel's claims alleging killing of hundreds or thousands of Iranians by its military as a “desperate media war, psychological operation, and [an attempt at] manufacturing lies.”

Shekarchi said "the Zionist-Western media empire and its regional affiliates" have been leading this anti-Iran propaganda campaign for some time as part of “hollow muscle-flexing” by the inhumane, occupier, and child-killing Israeli regime in order to project a “false image” of its military capability.

Upon a request by the Syrian government, Iran has been lending effective military advisory assistance to Syria against foreign-backed militants and Takfiri terrorists. The support proved essential to Syria in defeating the Takfiri terrorist group of Daesh that has been widely reported to have been created by the United States, Israel’s biggest and oldest ally, which is trying hard to change the balance of power in favor of Tel Aviv in the region.

The Tel Aviv regime, itself, has been found culpable in numerous reports and by many regional officials of providing safe passage, medical treatment, and other instances of assistance to Takfiri terrorists.

Besides the U.S., the spokesman for the Iranian Armed Forces also implicated Israel in rearing the Daesh terrorists, saying that -- contrary to what is being claimed through the all-out media warfare -- the Zionist regime’s bombardments have led to the martyrdom of no more than eight Iranians.

The official mentioned the martyrs by name in order to “further unveil the bogus Zionist regime’s [attempt at] manufacturing falsehood and to lay bare its lying nature.”

The “cowardly” regime also did its best, through the all-out support of the U.S. and some regional Arab countries, to make up for its losses and weaknesses by bombarding the T-4 Airbase in Syria's western province of Homs in 2018, in which only seven of Iranian military advisors lost their lives along with a number of Syria-allied fighters, Shekarchi said.

The resistance front, however, returned the attack by launching 50 missiles and rockets at Syria’s Israel-occupied Golan Heights, the spokesman noted, saying “a large number” of Israelis were killed or injured during the retaliation.

By means of the media campaign, psychological warfare and producing lies, Israel has been always trying to cover up its sheer inability and weakness as well as back-to-back defeats in the face of the resistance front in Syria during the past nine years, Shekarchi said, adding, “However, it should know this that it is [only] fooling itself.”

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