By Ramin Hossein Abadian

The Golan Heights front to reopen; the Zionists fear of attrition warfare 

December 2, 2018 - 11:37

TEHRAN - The advancement of the Syrian army in the south of the country in the battle against the U.S., Zionists-backed Takfiri terrorists has been a matter of grave concern for Tel Aviv officials.

The liberation of southern part of Syria from the Takfiri group by the Syrian army is frightening to the Zionists as the area is in close proximity to the Golan Heights, where the Syrian officials have said time and again to rid the area of the Zionists. This is while the Zionists have made every effort to expand buffer zones in the area by keeping the Takfiri terrorists in the region.  

The occupied Golan Heights, a rocky plateau in south-western Syria, have special importance for the Zionist regime and they will never be willing to return the area to its rightful owner, Syria.

Golan Heights is considered one of the most strategic areas for Syria, Lebanon, and the Zionist regime. It is one of the main passages overlooking the occupied Palestinian territory. The area allows the Zionist regime to spy on Syrian military, electronic and telecommunication facilities as it is a lookout to the outskirts of Damascus.  

In addition, the Zionist won’t leave a land rich with gas and oil. 

In 2013, upon providing an oil exploration license to an American-Israeli company, the Zionist regime began to exploit oil from the Golden Heights. In 2014, the Israeli drilling company, Horizon, set the stage for the start of exploration of oil in the area. Israel is seeking to exploit more than a billion barrels of oil from the Golan Heights.

Exploration operation has begun in 10 bases and estimates indicate the oil exploited will suffice Israel’s need for years to come. Therefore, it is clear that the Zionists are eager to seize the oil resources in the Golan Heights and seek to plunder the valuable resources which originally belonged to the Syrian government.

It is not just Israelis, but Americans, too, fear the loss of the Golan Heights. Al-Yaum newspaper writes, “The Donald Trump administration, Israel’s partner, supports the Israeli army and exploitation of oil in the Golan Heights. What is important is that former U.S. ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley, voted in favor of the Zionist regime, and against the annual resolution that condemned the occupation of Israel of the Golan Heights.”

To hang on to the Golan Heights, one of Israel’s goals is to intensify the tension in Syria, prolong Syria’s crisis and consequently, deter the resistance forces and distract the Syrian government from wanting to regain control of the area. Naturally, Israel enjoys the U.S. support that believes in strengthening the Zionist regime’s power in the region.   

One of the influential figures in the resistance axis against Israel and the U.S. is Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrollah, who believes in the return of the Golan Heights to the Syrians as well as the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Al-Yaum newspaper says, “For decades, Hezbollah has the Golan Heights at the top of the agenda, and has lost two great people Samir Kuntar and his assistant jihad Mughniyah. Hizbullah's circles are now concealing the identity of the new commander who replaced Kuntar.”

However, any reopening of the new front in the occupied Golan Heights will come after the liberation of Idlib, because all political talks and focus are now on that Syrian province.

In any case, if a new front opens up in the occupied Golan Heights by resistance groups and Hezbollah, there will be undoubtedly a war of attrition for the Zionists; a war that may repeat the same defeat for Zionists in southern Lebanon In 2002.

The point is the Zionist regime won’t be able to fight in many fronts, as they are already involved in three fronts: one in northern occupied territories with Hezbollah, one in southern occupied territories with the Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza, and the other in the east of the occupied lands with the Syrian and Hezbollah groups. That is why the possibility of future struggle in the Golan Heights is undeniable for the Zionist.

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