81-year-old writer Javad Mojabi beats COVID-19  

July 18, 2020 - 18:39

TEHRAN – The 81-year old writer, poet and art critic Javad Mojabi, who was battling COVID-19, is feeling much better these days, his wife Asieh Javadi said on Saturday. 

“Luckily, after about 18 days of battling with the coronavirus, having high fever and suffering from anorexia and insomnia, he is a little bit better, he can eat a little food and sleep a little,” she told the Persian service of IRNA. 

“We were in home quarantine for four months. But after a little party, everything went wrong. My daughter and I decided not to take him to the hospital but were forced to take him to the hospital after 10 days and found out his test was positive,” she added.

“The treatment he received at home had helped prevent more progress in the disease, however, his high fever again forced us to take him to the hospital to receive further treatment and doctors helped control his disease,” she explained.

“These days are hard for everyone, but harder for the artists because they are much more sensitive. Everyone suffers from problems but the pain of an artist is not a solo pain and these days get harder for them,” noted Javadi who is the writer of several acclaimed books such as “Narrators of the Century of Anxiety”.

“He is now in a better and more stable condition. We all should know how not to get infected in order to stop this vicious circle. If not it will continue and getting infected in older age makes it harder,” she remarked.

Mojabi is the writer of “Bamdad Mirror”, a book containing articles and ideas about the life and poems of the renowned Iranian poet Shamlu. 

There are articles in this book on satire in Shamlu’s poems, his career in journalism and his 40 years of writing poetry. There are also some notes and memories of the writer and scholars that give a better view of the writer’s life to the readers.

“Ninety Years of Innovation in Iran’s Visual Art”, a book introducing 426 Iranian modern artists is another of Mojabi’s praiseworthy books.

Mojabi had called the book a personal narration of the history of art that is useful for researchers, students of art and all artists.

Photo: Writer Javad Mojabi in an undated photo.


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