Iranian desert to play host to environment-friendly car rally

September 22, 2020 - 21:58

TEHRAN – The barren, scorching Maranjab Desert, situated in central Iran, will be hosting tens of 4WD cars for a rally scheduled to be held on October 1 and 2.

That will be an environment-friendly car rally because participants are set to clean and collect garbage from the desert surface, the Touring & Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI), which organizes the rally, announced in a press release on Monday.

“Over 70 four-wheel-drive vehicles will take part in the event which starts from Tehran, passing through Qom, Kashan, Aran-Bidgol before arriving in the desert.”

Maranjab is also popular for off-roading. Entry to the barren desert can be found some 50 km north-east Aran-Bidgol, in Isfahan province. The desert is surrounded by a salt lake from the north, Band-e Rig Desert and National Park from the east, Masileh Desert, Hoz-e sultan, and Moreh Lakes from the west and eventually Aran-Bidgol from the south.


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