Zanjan’s Chehel Sotoun Mosque being restored to former grandeur

October 27, 2020 - 19:0

TEHRAN- Parts of Chehel Sotoun Mosque in Zanjan, west-central Iran, have undergone some rehabilitation works, the provincial tourism chief has said.

With the completion of the first phase of the restoration, the project has entered its second phase, Amir Arjmand said on Monday.

The project involves repairing the mosque’s columns, walls, ceiling’s insulation, arches, and gutters as well as replacing worn-out materials and lightening roofs, the official added.

The Qajar-era (1789–1925) mosque is located in the historic bazaar of Zanjan. It is the second most prestigious seminary school in Zanjan after Jameh Mosque.

The main prayer hall of the mosque is built in Chehel Sotoun (forty columns) style, which is mostly compared to the 17th-century Chehel Sotoun palace in Isfahan.

Zanjan is one of the cities founded by Sassanid King Ardashir I (180-242 CE). The province makes a base for wider explorations with the architectural wonder of Soltaniyeh, the subterranean delights of the Katale-Khor caves, colorful mountains, and the UNESCO-registered Takht-e Soleiman ruins are nearby.


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