HAMRAH AVAL R&D Center Participates in Organizing Artificial Intelligence Startups School

November 14, 2020 - 16:16

· Research & Development Center of HAMRAH AVAL (Mobile Telecommunications Company of Iran, MCI) has participated in organizing Artificial Intelligence Startup School with the aim of taking advantage of technical knowhow and knowledge in line with priorities of the company.

· This startup school, which will be held by the Center for the Promotion and Development of Digital Economy (MAAD) and with the support of Smart Building and Digital Economy Technologies Development Headquarters of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology and cooperation of HAMTECH Artificial Intelligence Accelerator and KEY WORK Skill Learning Network, it will provide the possibility of specialized training required for the development of business in the field of artificial intelligence, using that technical knowhow and expertise of instructors of Startups Ecosystem of the country and focusing on the real priorities of the labor market as the centrality of formation of startup teams. At this Startup School, participants will familiarize with the specialized training courses needed for the development of business in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

· For further information, enthusiasts can log on to the following website latest by Aban 27 (Nov. 17): http:///maadcenter.com/ai-startup-school and/or Instagram page at the address: Instagram.com/maad_center.

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