Movies from Iran to compete in Intl. Amity Short Film Festival 

December 9, 2020 - 18:37

TEHRAN – Eight movies by Iranian directors will be screening in the various sections of the 3rd International Amity Short Film Festival, which will open on Friday in Istanbul, Turkey.

The three-day festival promotes films about friendship and amity.

The Iranian lineup includes “The Red Fire” by Mona Shahi, “The American Bull” by Fatemeh Tusi, “The Fosterless” by Sahar Jafarizad, “Gabriel” by Yousef Kargar, “Replacement” by Mojtaba Tahal and Jalal Mahdavi, “Behind the Glasses” by Mehdi Iravani, “Déjà vu” by Atefefeh Khademorreza and “Dummy” by Fatemeh Faal.

“The Red Fire” is about the Darkness Demon, which has swept over the world, trying to fix the end of Light, unlike the earlier promises and prophecies. It is in such an era that a flock of Red birds travel in search of the Red Fire; a fire that according to the prophecies, wipes out the blackness and puts an end to the constant eclipse and absence of the Sun. But where are they going to find the Red Fire?

The story of “The American Bull” is set in a border village between Iran and Iraq, where a group of villagers is doing animal husbandry. Saheb, the teenage boy who owns the only male American bull, is heavily dependent on his bull and earns money by its servicing for breeding.

“The Fosterless” tells the story of Vahid, a teenage boy whose father died of COVID-19 and his mother, who is suffering from an acute mental illness that has become more severe. He goes with his mother to the factory at which her husband had been working to get the quota announced by the company. He faces theft by the company’s security guard and demands his rights.

“Gabriel” is about Gabriel, a middle-aged man who lives with his son. His wife has been lost for some time. All the people are suspicious about her. One day news comes to him and he has to choose one: expediency or conscience?!

“Replacement” is about Samira, a thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl who lives alone with her mother. Her mother, who is a nurse for a mentally and physically disabled boy, asks Samira to do something dangerous and strange to earn more for their lives and future, but in the meantime, Samira makes another decision.

“Behind the Glasses” revolves around a skyscraper window cleaner who encounters a strange occurrence on a dull work day and is dissatisfied with everyday repetitive work.

Photo: “The American Bull” by Fatemeh Tusi.



  • 2020-12-15 16:34
    Its interesting that you did not mention Iranian movie that won the second best movie, 'Where we come from'

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