Clashes erupt between Trump fans, opponents at BLM Plaza

December 13, 2020 - 12:22

Supporters and opponents of U.S. President Donald Trump held dueling rallies in Washington with mobile police units criss-crossing the city in an attempt to separate the parties.

Violent clashes took place on Saturday afternoon between Trump supporters and counter-protesters at BLM Plaza.

Protesters were reportedly throwing smoke bombs and projectiles at each other. High police presence was witnessed at the scene, with officers stuck in the middle of the crowd of angry protesters.

Earlier, the police were trying to prevent street brawls by cordoning off the anti-Trump rally in front of the White House. Law enforcement officers, some on bikes for extra mobility, did not allow anyone, including reporters, inside the area.

MAGA-protesters, for whom it's been the second march following the November 3 election, were chanting "stop the steal" and demanding "four more years" for incumbent President Donald Trump, as he insists his victory was "stolen" by Democrats via mass fraud and irregularities.

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