Palestinian groups hold first joint military drill in Gaza

December 31, 2020 - 0:52

Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip have held their first joint military drill since 2014. The Palestinian factions held the drill to unveil their military capabilities and equipment.

In an incident considered the first of its kind in the Gaza Strip, the joint chamber of the Palestinian resistance factions held its first large-scale joint military drill over the past years.

During the one day of military exercise, Palestinian groups unveiled some of their military capabilities and equipment.

The drill consisted of a simulation of ground and air military operations during which several rockets were fired toward the sea. 

Since 2008, Israel has waged three wars against Gaza, where two million Palestinians live under a 12-year Israeli blockade from air, sea, and land. Thousands of Gazans have been killed in each of these deadly wars.

The Palestinian resistance groups say they held the drills to show their military capabilities as well as unity in fight against the Israeli aggression. 

According to Press TV, Israel has been keeping Gaza under an all-out siege since 2007, when the Hamas resistance movement rose to power following elections there. The regime has also been taking the territory under almost daily military attacks to supposedly deter the group and its affiliates.

The Israeli military waged three full-scale wars against the coastal sliver in the 2000s, killing and injuring thousands of Palestinians during each.

The combination of the siege and incessant military aggression has turned the entire Gaza into a relatively uninhabitable open prison.

The command center warned that even the very act of contemplating an act of aggression or a new instance of adventurism against Palestinians would be met with a “decisive and severe” response on the part of the resistance.


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