By Reza Moshfegh

General Soleimani represented Iran's global commitment to war on terror: Afghan MP

January 2, 2021 - 20:26

TEHRAN – A member of the Afghan parliament says figures like Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani represented Iran’s efforts and commitment to fight against terrorism.

“Actually Iran is among the countries that are at the forefront of the fight against drugs and terrorism which have made substantial sacrifice such as Martyr Soleimani,” Mohammad Jamal Fakouri Beheshti tells the Tehran Times. “These martyrs represent the global commitment of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran has been a victim of terrorism. So it has gained valuable experience in countering terrorism at the national and regional levels. Actually, Iran’s policies in the fight against terrorism were led by Martyr Qassem Soleimani who sought to establish coordination between countries and nations in the region to expel extremist groups.

According to Fakouri Beheshti, the Islamic Republic of Iran has made every effort and take effective measures in the fight against terrorism.

 “In this regard, Iran has lost important figures such as Martyr Soleimani that were active in the combat against terrorist groups,” the Afghan politician points out. “Therefore, people and countries affected by terrorism, comprehend and appreciate Iran’s vital role.”

In the complicated geopolitical circumstances of West Asia and the dangers that threaten the region in recent years, Iran has played a pivotal role in containing the wave of radicalism.

However, Iran has paid the price for its efforts to eradicate terrorism and extremism, especially in Afghanistan.

In 1998, Iran nearly went to war with Afghanistan, then mostly under Taliban rule, when terrorist groups affiliated with the Taliban killed 11 Iranians, including nine diplomats, in Mazar-i Sharif.

“Since the Islamic Republic of Iran is known as a prominent and key player in the Middle East (West Asia), so its efforts and contribution is important and vital to containing tensions and differences in the region,” Fakouri Beheshti notes.

In this context, the assassination of Iranian figures including General Soleimani shows that the path is mined by the U.S. in the line with the interests of its extremist pawns in the region.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is not only active in the fight against terrorism but also is the victim of the fight against (opium) cultivation and trafficking of drugs,” the legislator adds. “Actually Iran is among the countries that are at the forefront of the fight against drugs and terrorism which have made substantial sacrifices such as Martyr Soleimani.” 

Pointing to a wide difference between the concept of terrorism in the eyes of Western powers and that one among the peoples of the region, Fakouri Beheshti emphasizes that “most countries are always looking for their own interests.”

 “Once the United States came to Afghanistan 20 years ago, their slogan was to fight all terrorist groups, but now they are negotiating with some of these groups and have reached an agreement with them which means that America has recognized them as a political player,” according to the Afghan politician.

He concludes, “Although, change in the country's positions and policies are normal when it comes to America’s interests, the United States has shown that it never hesitate to violate international treaties.”


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    Donald trump , the man responsible for the general's killing, becomes a private citizen after jan.20 .

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