Scholars discuss Spanish translation of Hamid Algar’s book on Islamic Revolution

January 23, 2021 - 18:31

TEHRAN – A Spanish translation of “Roots of the Islamic Revolution in Iran” written by Hamid Algar was introduced during a ceremony on the margins of the virtual edition of the Tehran Book Fair on Thursday.

The webinar was attended by translator Shaykh Abdulkarim Javier Orobio, the director of El Faro International Publishing House in the Colombian capital of Bogota, Angelica Maria Rojas, and Iran’s Cultural Attache in Spain Mohammad-Mehdi Ahmadi and guests from Iran and Colombia.

Hamid Algar is a British-American Professor Emeritus of Persian studies at the College of Near Eastern Studies, the University of California at Berkeley.

In his brief speech, Ahmadi said that different reasons were behind the Islamic Revolution, the first of which was cultural motivation, and the second reason could be the people’s obedience to the teachings of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution, which led to the unity of people and the dissolution of the Shah Regime. 

Rojas next stressed that they’re making their best efforts to introduce Islamic culture to Spanish readers, adding that El Faro has published books on different topics.

El Faro has published a Spanish translation of “My Uncle Soleimani” in Venezuela, a book written by Mohammad-Ali Jaberi that reflects Martyr Qassem Soleimani’s affection for children, as well as “Muhammad”, a novel by Ebrahim Hassanbeigi in Colombia.

Orobio next said that the book is a summary of four lectures Hamid Algar delivered on the Islamic Revolution at the Muslim Institute in London in 1979.

He said that Algar delivered the lectures for the Muslims and talked about the factors that were influential in the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The virtual edition of the Tehran Book Fair, which opened last Tuesday, has organized 17 international webinars on various cultural topics.

Photo: Front cover of the original book of “Roots of the Islamic Revolution in Iran” written by Hamid Algar.


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