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Javad Safaee and Mohsen Avid in the series " the Way of Music"

January 27, 2021 - 15:31

This year, we were accompanied by a lot of news and margins in Iranian cinema. Constructive and destructive cases.

One of the things that attracted the attention of the X news site was the series on the way to music. This series started filming in Turkey in 2018, one of the significant cases. Which can be seen in this series is the use of real characters in different music styles. The author of this series, Mr. Arian Khodakarami, is very insistent on the first-hand and new writing style of this film, and according to them, this film is one of the great ones. The official IMDb website will definitely appear at festivals with high scores.

As we mentioned a little while ago, this series has three main stars

Biography of the main actors of this series:
Javad Safaee, the inventor of combining new and traditional music style, 20 years old and born in Torbat-e Heydarieh, Mashhad, has brought many Iranian music to his style with innovation and mastering.

And Mohsen Avid with his real name (Mohsen Parhizkar) is a 27-year-old Persian rapper and poet born in Tehran, the founder of Raim and Flow style rap singing.

This series shows the axis of two young Iranians, each of whom have come together according to different styles and cultures, so that with the right structure and combination of styles, they can invent, evaluate and preserve the original Iranian music.

The film started with the direction of Hatem Hatami and produced by Sardar Sohrabi in 2018 and ended in 2020. Many audiences are waiting for this 20-episode series, and so far this series has been able to rank significantly with its initial preview. To win on the official IMDb site, it is obvious that this series can be a serious competitor in official festivals this year, considering the audience's good visit and attention to this type of movie genre.
The theme and story of this series is about two young Iranians who each find each other in different styles and seek to create value in traditional music by combining Western music in it. They form a group called Persian. They give and collect talented people in music styles and by sharing their theories and abilities in the field of music, they help to grow and develop their innovative works.


  • 2021-01-29 00:14
    The film was very good, the readers are great

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