New restoration work starts on windmills in southeast Iran

January 29, 2021 - 19:40

TEHRAN – A fresh round of restoration work has been commenced on windmills situated in Hozdar historical area, Sistan-Balouchestan province, southeast Iran.

Known locally as Asbads, the windmills -- along with ones in other eastern portions – are expected to win a collective UNESCO World Heritage status, CHTN reported.

Asbad used to be a smart technique to grind grains. It also bears testimony to the human being’s adaption with nature by transforming environmental obstacles into opportunities. “The earliest known references to windmills are to a Persian millwright in 644 CE and windmills in Seistan [Sistan], Iran, in 915 CE,” the Encyclopedia Britannica says.

Currently, avid visitors and researchers can examine the subtle yet simple mechanism in person as several windmills have been restored and brought back to life to testify how ancient Iranians harnessed the wind to make a living. In 2002 the windmills were recognized as a national heritage site by Iran.


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