By Diego Vida

Hollywood Satanists censor Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

January 30, 2021 - 15:37

Hollywood here and Hollywood there; a global entertainment virus is extending its domain/influence around the world supported by the web colossus multibillionaire companies. It is restricting any chance to produce films from each sovereign country and forcing everyone to be (FIRST) a fan of the American garbage movies through social networks.

I want to share the reality of life in Hollywood, which is not what you think. It is not like a paradise where all the people get rich, live well, are always happy, beautiful, enjoying parties and working a lot, oh no.

Just for starters, regarding how much corrupted the showbiz system is, the Hollywood Walk of Fame street is usually shown like a holy place to get featured, impressing own name inside the star on the sidewalk. Still, it isn't an award you can gain for free. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Of course, only the Hollywood elite have this amount of money to pay for the prize. Indeed, the ceremony has to be scheduled within two years of the selection date/deal, or the nomination will need to be submitted again.

However, I'm sorry about my words. Things are different from what you always thought. Moreover, Hollywood producers (most of them are Jewish, how come?) say, "Never produce a movie with your money." This means they usually pay the actors next to nothing or don't pay but trade favors. It means helping those actors to get visibility by advertising. They even do this to technical sectors, such as computer companies, and receive their services free of charge.

Or even popular singers/bands. Sometimes they star in a movie for free only to get some scenes to use in their music video.

The same is right about hotels, airlines, clothing, jewels, cars, political courtesies, jobs, etc.; even Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming the governor of California, follows the same pattern.

One of my friends is a famous DJ, and he appeared in the videogame "Grand Theft Auto" developed by Rockstar Games. Nobody paid for what he did.

 In 2014 the owner of this game company bought a Catholic church in Scotland and in 2017 sold it to a Dutch Jew for making a museum of art; as usual, the Jews plan to reduce our churches and destroy our beliefs.

So the only money the Hollywood moguls pay, is to some of their friends like the main actors, directors, writers, producers and associated friends, and many others as the mafia does money laundering with these movies.

Unfortunately, there is also the drugs problem.

Many actors are drug addicts, and during their lives, have problems with rapes, abuses or killings. Some of them wind up with a bad ending at a party.

 It has happened so many times; one must understand their lives are of no value.

Homosexuals, pedophiles, and trans genders make many Hollywood people the worst trash ever.

My suggestion is to never work with them; instead, try to work in some country where this contamination has not spread like a virus, or try to make something independently.

Normal film production companies own porn film production too. The roles of many actors involved in Hollywood films are not important, but they act in porn movies to earn something. Search the internet and you will find the stories of some of these actors who died because of HIV.

There are also some actresses who were drugged forcefully and then raped in video.

Unfortunately, these Hollywood people are presented like god-stars and idols on television too, so they teach everyone in the world to become like them, while this is something bad because they contribute to the destruction of the entire population of the world by promoting disorders like homosexuality and child abuse.

They teach the kids to feel free to change their sex from male to female and vice versa.

Obviously, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn support this propaganda, making it seem like a wonderful world and in favor of human rights in the name of democracy. They earn masses of fans around the table of their global Satanism.

When, in some occasions, a popular Hollywood actor/actress goes rouge against the system, he/she won't be able to work anymore, or will get killed with the usual excuse of suicide by drug or accident, because he/she was disturbing the imperial globalization of the corrupted political system.

Also, when Hollywood stars don't bother the system but merely want to change their contracts or finish their careers, they cannot because the moguls forbid them to leave their job by blackmailing them.

 In the end, homicide will happen.

All the stars, films, cartoons, comics, books, productions, characters, all are listed on the stock exchange. So if some of them dies or fails, the money in the market increases, like the son of Bruce Lee, Mr. Brandon Lee who died on the last scene of the movie called "The Crow". He was shot by another actor directly on the set. (Fake gun but real bullets)

The same story is happening in the musical entertainment field, because all of the contracts are covered by the different insurance policies. So all producers are covered. If you check the list of singers who were somehow working with the Sony Universal America, you understand that they strangely died in the coming years after the economic crisis began in 2008 by the Jewish bank of Lehman Brothers.

Michael Jackson died in 2009 from a drug overdose and collateral effects.

Amy Winehouse died of a drug overdose in 2011.

Whitney Huston died of a drug overdose in the bath in 2012 and her daughter Bobbi died in 2015 in the bath from an overdose like her mother.

Prince died of a drug overdose in 2016.

George Michael died like Jackson of collateral effects in 2016.

Dolores O'Riordan died of drug overdose in 2018 inside the bath like Whitney Huston.

Keith Charles Flint died of a drug overdose in 2019.

Chris Cornell died in 2019.

Chester Bennington apparently killed himself in 2019, but their family members claim he was using drugs as he was an addict.

The Sony America Jews tried to change Michael Jackson's will to take his money but they failed.

Moreover, actors like Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Paul Walker, Peter Seymour Hoffman, Luke Perry, Carrie Fisher and Lisa Sheridan all died. All coincidence? Is it coincidence that all of these companies belong to Jewish people? All Hollywood is in the hands of the Jewish families, is that a coincidence? Universal, Dimension, Paramount, Miramax (Bob and Harvey Weinstein), Touchstone Pictures (Ron Howard), Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Sony America, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, DreamWorks (Steven Spielberg), Columbia and this list goes on.

 A powerful business capable to manage the whole world.

Hollywood productions use a lot of special effects and visual effects; something called CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

The reason is quite simple: basically they want to erase the religion from the minds of the people, forcing them to believe in aliens, other planets and superheroes, or to show terrorist groups and war zones compatible with their own propaganda using virtual scenes. But as usual, they never touch the Hebraism.

They produce trash films sponsoring different forms of cruelty like homicide, rape, and armed robbery. These films mainly focus on money; like a group of people organizing a robbery from a bank. They promote and respect these groups and reflect them as truly smart and cool people who succeeded in robbing a bank and getting rich much faster than a normal person who works for years in a real honest job.

So we should wonder how come these films are allowed to promote crimes?

It's simple to understand: because they want us to worship the money GOD.

The same is true about many other movies about Satanism and killing rites which show how cool it is to kill somebody using torture, or frequently refer to devil. Why these movies are screened on TV and web and theaters?

 Why the UN agencies like Amnesty International say nothing about that? Because they want to increase the number of criminals so that they can justify numerous bans on freedom of the citizens.

Their movies deliver a lot of propaganda, but at the same time they shape public opinion about any upcoming war. Take the "No Escape" (1994) for example. The war between Libya and America started in 2011. So how come Columbia-Sony knew 17 years beforehand about the war in Libya and the collapse of government?

In the movie named "Armageddon" (1998), in the beginning scene, as asteroids strike New York, we see a simple taxi driver who says "Saddam is attacking us"! How come 3 years before the 9/11 and 5 years before the second war in Iraq, Touchstone Pictures knew everything? Touchstone Pictures made "The Da Vinci Code" against the Vatican. In another movie called "Mercury Rising" the CIA chief tells the FBI agent about a spy they have sent to Iraqi Army who infiltrated in the guards of Saddam and now, everything is ready to overthrow Iraqi dictator. How the Universal Studio knew about the plan to overthrow Saddam in Iraq?

In "Rules of Engagement" (1999), the story begins with the war in Yemen. How Paramount knew about the Yemen war 5 years before it started?

The 2014 "RoboCop" remake shows Tehran devastated like Iraq or Afghanistan in a war with Jihadists and suicide bombers.

After watching RoboCop, the first thing I did was to show my friends a video I shot in Iran with my cell phone. I told them look, this is the real Iran and Iranians aren't like what is portrayed in the movie.

They did the same with "Rocky 4", released in 1986 where Sylvester Stallone as a boxer named Rocky Balboa beats Drago, the Soviet Russian boxer.

The president of the Soviet Union [in the movie], who really looks like Mikhail Gorbachev, stands up and cheers for the American boxer.

Indeed, five years later, the Soviet Union collapsed.

They did the same thing to Vietnam by producing several films showing the American army defeating the Viet-Army, but this time, in the real world, they were defeated by Vietnamese.

These companies also shoot films against Islam and Catholicism. Basically, according to them, all Muslims are terrorists and all Christian priests are pedophiles.

But this is strange because in the Torah - Talmud, the book of Jewish law, it was the Jews who created and used stoning or lapidation as punishments and made the holy war.

During the rite of circumcision, a rabbi, a leading Jewish scholar, did something which under Western human rights is defined as "child abuse". The rite is still in practice by the Orthodox Jews in the U.S. and has resulted to the infection of many childes or even death.

So why doesn't the TV news talk about that? Isn't this an act of pedophilia? Maybe because they are Jewish, it is not possible to talk about this? Of course Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn do not post such news and if any user does that, they get banned.

Zionists, who have killed people for centuries by embarking wars around the world and still kill people even today, aren't terrorists either? Why don't you say a word about Hebrew terrorism? Why don't you mention Zionists support lots of terrorists groups such as the ISIS financially? There is a day for remembering the deceased Jews in the calendar, but there isn't any day for others like Indians who were the real Natives of the America and are about to extinct. We owe this to the Anglo-Zionists who, for more than two centuries during the colonization of the USA, killed many Native Americans brutally. There are historical facts about first American migrants kicking the pregnant women in the belly to kill them without wasting bullets. And today, they just hold a party for giving thanks and eating a Turkey!

It is really strange that nobody makes a movie about the genocides committed by some Jewish groups against Christians and Muslims. Now a day, the people from Islamic countries are targets of the Hebrew imperialism. For example, they repeatedly tell a story they claimed has happened in the old times. It's about the Purim which they say has happened in Iran and Egypt, where a Jewish woman of monarchy married a Muslim king and decided to kill her husband to protect against his decision to kill Jewish people. This is a bedtime story told by Jewish families to their kids. In the same day, they hold a Purim Party. Unfortunately, the reality is really different. The truth is that the Jewish monarchy in that period in Iran and Egypt used to kill the Muslim kids to punish all the Muslim people! Why? Because the monarch believed the Muslims have disrespected him/her because the king Amman had asked a Jewish monarch to knee in front of him. Of course the Jewish elite didn't accept this and decided to punish all the Muslims by committing a genocide against Iranians. It is so strange that nobody has produced a single movie about this nor media talks about it. Even school books have decided to remain silent on this object!

Social network censorship is still working and keeps promoting the American system.

So why no television channel says this? Why in my country, in the square of the Italian parliament, in front of the door, there is a painted Menorah chandler sitting there since 1998 when they remade our square? It looks like the Italian Republic of Israel.

Would Israel allow Christians to put a cross in front of parliament's door?

Hollywood and its allies produce numerous movies against Catholics and Muslims using horror and violence every year, but it's so strange that there aren't any movies horrifying violent movies about Judaism.

Hebrew imperialism insults other religions, mainly Islam and Christianity, but not the Hebraism. we can see many fake atheist leaders who are actually Jewish. They want to force others to convert to atheism by insulting all the religions. But these Jews never intent to convert from Hebraism or insult their belief and they keep making propaganda about Jewish holocaust and showing Jews as victims.

Why they keep insulting the prophet Mohammed and Jesus, but they never insult Moses?

In the West, it's totally OK if some corrupted journalist talks trash about Iran or the Christian Catholics. But when somebody talks trash about Israel or Judaism, they are immediately censured or fined or arrested or blocked. Is this fair?

The Italian popular horror movies director Dario Argento who is pretty famous in the world, accused Israel and Mossad and the Jewish moguls of Hollywood because his daughter Asia got raped by Harvey Weinstein, a Jewish film producer who recently was jailed for his crimes. But the Hebrew Community in Italy harshly criticized him through the main stream media like national journals and TV shows, blaming and accusing him of being Anti-Semitic. The question we have to ask ourselves here is why no Italian citizen in Italy can talk against Israel and the Jews of Hollywood if Italy claims to be a free country?

The corrupt media in the world claim that in Iran, information is not circulated freely because the government controls most of the media outlets.

So why there are several Jewish families in Italy who own the media outlets and the mainstream? Indeed, one of these Jewish families, controls five national journals that, of course, speak negative about Iran and positive about globalization.

Like the Jewish Reuters which controls the media worldwide.

Reuters belongs to the same family of bankers who owned the Central Bank of Iran last century during the Qajar and Pahlavi Shahs, until the Islamic Revolution in Iran ended their ownership. how come a foreigner Jew used to be the owner of Iran's most important bank, printing money?

Perhaps a single person controlling the media is much more dangerous than a government doing so. Writer Voltaire had said, "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

 (The Hebraism)

I recommend watching these films to understand the reality about globalization of imperialism: "They Live" (1988), "Lord of War" (2005), "Blood Diamonds" (2006) and "The International" (2009). You will understand how everybody is contributing to the deal and playing its role.

Indeed, right now, it is possible for the European citizens to go to Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldavia, and Turkey without any passport only using the ID card. Strangely, all Israeli citizens can enter Russia without any visa, is that normal?

Jews origins come from Khazaria, an ancient territory located near the country called Kazakhstan today (formerly, a territory of the Russian Empire). They migrated to the West until they reached the West Asia and Africa.

They created Communism to overthrow the Caesar of the Russian Empire, then they created the Soviet Union. Indeed, Lenin was half Jewish. After that, they destroyed it and created a capitalist Russia.

They did the same with China and Europe during the world wars. The British royal family of Windsor came from German, Russian, and Ashkenazi origins with Wettin surname. These Ashkenazi Jews (from Khazaria origins) are the owners of the world.

That's why are called Anglo Zionists.

They hate Catholics and Muslims and all minority religions, and want to combine all of them into one single religion called Abramitic. They claim to be a chosen ethnic group and believe that Muslims and Christians cannot be recognized as a race, but can be mixed with others to form one.

Once they destroy Islam and Christianity, the game will be over; Aryan-Caucasian people will cease to exist.

That's the New World Order.

The web colossus forces everybody to share their private data to expand the AI database and make it able to reach our wishes quickly and push us towards their own goals. They do this, they freely access our personal details, and control our homes and cars as well as our bank accounts from distance.

That's why Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn apply a global censorship in order to protect themselves and restrict honest citizens' access for posting videos and photos.

The same thing happens about homosexuality, basically to avoid people from regenerating humankind. The imperialism created this lifestyle so in the future, it would be the single everlasting "ism" in the world. This is while the homosexuals are much more exposed to the transmissible diseases and live a much riskier life. So if institutions such as UN and the media really cared about homosexuals, they would help them prevent from coming up with these lethal diseases and make them able to have dignity as human being.

That's why it isn't possible to post a video, photo, audio and text in famous social network platforms.

Even the private mailboxes are spied on by them.

Months ago, me and my team tried to put on the test the privacy violations of Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

All of our accounts were suspended in half a day for 2 weeks, even for posting a comment without posting a video with the same account, or sending private text messages to other accounts with links about all the things mentioned above.

That's a dictatorship disguised behind the masks of democracy. It's a fake democracy because a free citizen is not permitted to freely share an opinion against the monopoly of media which is created by the Satanist owners of the business and politics world.

The irony here is that international Jewish propaganda accuses Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela and North Korea of news censorship. This propaganda suggests to involve all independent and professional journalists in working against the aforementioned countries free of charge in the name participatory journalism or democratic journalism. But in reality, there is not such a thing as a free or democratic journal. Independence does not exist in their world. If a writer or journalist writes something in favor of Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, or North Korea, gets censored or even fired in the end.

So, their democracy actually means their imperialism.

Recent applications and several social network platforms are spying on us every moment, listening to what we say, and analyzing what we think by studying the content we post. They are collecting information about our opinion. They monitor whatever we do: our interactions in social media (likes, shares, saves, etc.), the contacts we save, our numbers, mails; everything.

We enjoy these free apps and social networks, but we must understand one very thing important fact: these are free because the real product, is us, not those apps.

This technology can even kill us from distance.

So, we are under the delusion of living in a free world, freely sharing our ideas and opinions, while in fact, they are making a profile for every single one of us to understand if we are in line with the system or not.

An American Democrat party member once proposed a plan to install a microchip under the skin or in the brain to change the capacity of thinking and assess our altitude towards stereotypes like racism and homosexuality. This proposal aims to build a perfect citizen for the fake democracy of the world.

Same technology is driving cars, planes, trains, and ships. We even use this technology in our daily lives right now. For example, when we go shopping, we use microchips for payment to avoid exchanging cash. So this is not a fictional story.

It is not really unlikely that in the future, robots and machines would control us like a tyrant police for the new digital frontier of dictatorship.

Maybe every country should have its own national web network and disconnect from the global web. This way, they can promote the right things like respect for humanity.

Jewish families which are controlling Hollywood and internet in the U.S., also control everything in other nations like Europe (my land). For example, they have dubbing studios and international distributors to adjust their products for domestic use in European countries.

20 years ago in my country, Italy, we used to have our own dubbing studios, film productions and distributors. But with the help of globalization, we were conquered by the Hollywood supremacy. Today, it is Hollywood which decides what we say in dubbing, or whether to trim a scene or not. Indeed, before these criminals came by, our sovereign country used to have a different policy regarding the foreign products like those of America. We used to produce 90 % of the films released in Italy and only 10 % the cinema market belonged to no-Italian movies including American ones.

In their sitcoms, TV shows and reality shows, Americans use fake applauses and laughs which are recorded long before the show. They do this to imply that people are actually enjoying what they see and the theme provided by the producers is right.

Endemol Co. and its TV programs are just an example what Jewish TV companies are doing. It produces the famous reality show called "The Big Brother", where a bunch of men and women live together, making love, fighting, insulting the Christianity and Islam, showing a Muslim man who has decided to be a homosexual or a Christian woman who wants to have a relation before marriage (which is forbidden under Christianity), or two lesbians having problems because their families do not want to accept their relations. And by the end of every episode, you will find yourself adoring the Jewish beliefs because it was produced in the month of the Hebrew remembrance.

Another program is the "Temptation Island". In this show, couples must betray each other to prove their love.

There is also a quiz show called "The Millionaire". It focuses on the money and the winner takes a 1-million-dollar prize. It constantly shows funny segments about sex, bad words, and teasing elderly people, but promotes homosexuality simultaneously.

See the case of Mel Gibson who was producing a movie in 2006 called "The Passions of Christ" blaming the Jews for killing Jesus.

The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish association that controls all the media outlets and also films, tried to block his film's distribution and because they control Hollywood, since then, Mel Gibson didn't work anymore as a super star and only appeared in B-movies.

Indeed, in 2013, Mel Gibson tried to make peace with the Jewish elite by proposing the production of a movie about a Jewish hero named Judah, but they didn't forgive him and he couldn't save his career.

So the rules aren't equal for everyone. Indeed, it is possible to insult Christianity, Islam and sometimes other religions, but bot to Hebraism! This shows their imperialism.

Zionist companies impose their policy, fashion, lifestyle and financial propaganda to the audience.

In the name of Israel, we have many Jewish people covering important roles inside our broadcasting TV channels, making sure we are following the politics made by them for the new world order.

If these thieves would step foot in Iran, they will take down your entertainment companies and replace them with their own institutions. They will impose their propaganda, films, and licenses to every Iranian citizen and will acquire the monopoly of Iran's entertainment industry. Soon 90% of the entertainment market will be occupied by the American products and only 10% will remain for Iranian ones.

Considering these products, we must worship America, we must worship Hebrews, we must worship the banks and the British royal family. And about the last one, it is really strange since we've had no kings since the war world II. So why should we worship a queen from another country if we are living inside a Republic?

Now a day, every hour, day and night, we are forced to watch cruelty, sadistic sex, and homosexuality on the TV with our children on our sides in the afternoon. I wonder what kind of country would permit trash like that...

If we produce a movie to claim sovereignty and patriotic values, the Jewish media accuses us of being nationalist. But if we deliver an American-style movie promoting their army, flag, policy and values, it is okay. There is no problem if one wants to be a nationalist under the values of another country (America).

Most important than all, in the movies produced by these propagandists, we see a constant refer to Terrorism, Islam, Mafia, Christianity, and Nazism. They put these ideas in their products in order to blame them centuries after centuries. It doesn't matter whether the film is about a war or a wedding, the fanatic Jewish entertainment industry will put a note against Nazism, Christianity, and Islam. All against nationalism but in favor of globalization.

For example, in one movie, when a daughter tells to her father about being beaten by Mafia (Italian of course), her father cheers her up by saying "I don't care if he was the chief of Hamas. I would kill him…"

Why mentioning the chief of Hamas in a New York scene for a movie about poker bet?

In another example, a man and a woman are working on composing a love song while talking about the wounded hand of the woman. Apparently she is injured while watering a plant. The man asks her: "how are you? Is your hand OK? you could save it". She answers: "yes! I did a mess out of nothing". The man tells her: "yes there are always two sides to a story", and she replies "yes that's true but not for Nazism I cannot really see the other side of story "...

Why mentioning the Nazism in a normal conversation with no political theme or any relation to the wounded hand of a woman? What is the relation between a hand which is wounded during watering a plant and Nazism in a movie about composing a love song?

In another movie we see a man who wants to meet a woman in a blind date after few chats in the internet. The man wants to call the woman, but he dials the wrong number. Accidently and unintentionally, he calls the Hezbollah's office. The auto answering machine activates and ask him to dial a number if he needs support for terrorism items.

Really I'm speechless!

The fanatic Jews of Hollywood are really scary because they wash the brains of the people while doing their convenient propaganda.

For example, in a movie that tries to show how good the Israeli soldiers are, we see an Israeli soldier who defeats a Palestinian Muslim and then tells him: "yeah, yeah! I know you were living in Palestine before us. Yeah, yeah! My Hebrew ancestors never used to live here ha ha ha". Or in another scene, this Israeli soldier defuses the bombs planted by the Palestinian kids, telling them: "don't worry! Israel will pay for refurbishing the homes destroyed by your bombs".

I wonder what happens if any director makes a movie against the Hebrew domination, mentioning in detail all the stuff like what they did against Christians and Muslims? I think the movie will never be released in the cinema, TV, DVD, VODs, or social media platforms.

 This is not fair as the entire system is controlled by the Jewish elite.

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