Iranian academics hail resistance movements in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon

February 6, 2021 - 22:36

TEHRAN – A third meeting of the online international conference on international law and armed conflict in the region with a focus on the resistance front, international law and resistance by Palestine, Syria and Hezbollah against Israel was hosted by the University of Qom.

Qassem Zamani, a professor of Allameh Tabataba'i University, noted the recognition of the Golan Heights by the U.S. as Israel’s territory is against international law.

“The Golan Heights in the eastern south of Syria, which border Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan, is around 1800 square kilometer. It has also fertile soil, rich water resources and strategic position,” the professor explained.

Zamani added, “After the six-day war in 1967, Israel occupied the Golan Heights, evicted the people from their homes and destroyed the infrastructure. Israel declared the Golan Heights as part of its territory and annexed it in the early 1980s under the pretext of ensuring its security.”

“According to international law, the military occupation of a land doesn’t lead to transfer of sovereignty to the occupier,” he asserted. 

Moreover, Dr. Ahmad Tabataba'i, a professor from the University of Tehran, explained about the developments in the Palestinian territory, noting, “The Partition Plan for Palestine is a milestone in the history of Palestine which was pursued according to United Nations Resolution 181 in 1947.”

Pointing to the illegal establishment of Israel, he emphasized, “Israel declared its establishment based on the Partition Plan for Palestine in 1948.”

He sharply criticized the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights and said, “During the six-day war, Israel occupied all the Palestinian territory.”

Professor Gholamali Ghassemi from the University of Qom made a speech about the legitimacy of the Hezbollah movement and said, “The Hezbollah movement is created due to the occupations by Israel.” 

He underlined the nature of Hezbollah in liberating occupied lands and said, “According to international law, Hezbollah is a liberation movement fighting against the occupation of Lebanon.” 

Regarding the political activities of Hezbollah, he underscored, “Since 2005, Hezbollah members have been elected as representatives of parliament and also appointed as ministers in in Lebanese government.” 


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