By Martin Love

Iran may be more “democratic” than the U.S. nowadays…

February 14, 2021 - 8:52

Can it be more evident than it now is: that U.S. foreign policy is not “for” the U.S. or its citizens but for the Zionists.

The Biden Administration is jam-packed with Zionists, more so than when Biden served under Obama as vice president. There is apparently nothing these people won’t do for the Zionist entity despite the fact that even Israel’s leading human rights organization, B’tselem, has declared it a full-blown Apartheid state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, and “Israel” is reviled more than ever worldwide. In some ways, Biden’s Zionist focus is worse even than under Trump, who was just primarily seeking supporters to salve his insecurities and boost ego and justify his narcissism.

Biden is a relatively cunning shill for the Zionists. He knows how Washington has worked traditionally (Trump had little clue). He is not at all, as Trump often seemed, an “anti-Semite” as witnessed through some of Trump’s crude statements. Biden clearly has a vision of two huge military powers, the U.S. and Israel, lording it over West Asia and “securing” mutual “interests”, the latter of which boils down to one thing: neither the U.S. nor Israel can be attacked in the region without reactive devastation, and both can continue to do as they please.

The Zionist lobby in the West, but especially in the U.S., is beyond gargantuan for power and influence. It can move policy in its favor easily and has long promoted the alleged interests of the greedy Apartheid state against the U.S. And Israel always avoids accountability for whatever it does. Just look at the confirmation hearings of Biden appointees in his administration. Discussions have centered on bashing Russia or China or Iran, and then questions about what appointees have done for the Zionist Apartheid entity. It’s almost unbelievable and would be had this chicanery not been going on for decades.

Take for example Biden’s appointment of General Lloyd Austin as secretary of defense. Austin may be a lot of things but one thing he is not by accepting the job and mouthing the things he has: he’s not bright. His first call in his new job last week was to Israel’s Benny Gantz, defense minister there. Both Austin and Gantz agreed that that the two countries needed to deal with “Iranian aggression”.  This is quite insane. What aggression? That Iran decimated ISIS in Iraq and parts of Syria by invitation? That it helped reduce other terrorists like al-Qaeda in Syria? That Iran has reasonably good and peaceful relations with Iraq and Syria now? Show anywhere where Iran has been “aggressive” of “destabilizing” except very, very occasionally in its own defense. Who by far has been most aggressive in West Asia? The U.S. Who has murdered millions of innocents in West Asia? The U.S. Who had underwritten vast Israeli aggressions in Palestine and Syria? The U.S. Etcetera. Do these points even have to be argued again? They are so evident.

And everyone in the world knows it is not Iran but the U.S. which hasn’t lived up to the terms of the JCPOA and the U.S. must first drop sanctions before Iran is obliged to do anything else to return to the full terms of the nuclear deal. Meanwhile, whatever the Biden Administrations says about Iran consists of little more than pure lies and propaganda.

But consider what a longtime Jewish-born legal scholar, teacher, author and former diplomat serving in the UN, Richard Falk, has recently said about Iran. He correctly claims the Islamic Revolution in Iran just over 40 years ago turned Iran into a democracy. “There is no question that the Islamic Revolution brought about a drastic transition from the Shah’s absolute rule taking the form of an imperial dynasty to the current Islamic constitutional order that has important democratic elements, including the periodic election of the President and members of the Majlis,” American professor Falk said.

In addition, Falk recognizes that Iranian democracy is unique in the role it has afforded to Islamic authorities like Ayatollah Khamenei. Iran, Falk maintains, has managed to surmount a range of threats for decades given its social, economic and military advances. 

Falk also notes that Iran in recent years has been an effective anti-terrorism force in its operations against ISIS, whom the U.S. has falsely claimed to be trying to eradicate in Iraq and Syria as justification for its continued presence in Arab heartlands. It’s clear the U.S. and Israel have little aim but to ensure they have no challengers in West Asia. 

Israel is clearly not a democracy. It never has been except exclusively for Jews. Half the people living west of the Jordan River in historic Palestine have no rights at all. Iran may be a more effective, true “democracy” than even the U.S. is today if you push aside all the blather of the Democrats and Republicans, much of which is absurd and false like all propaganda. 

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