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Why is it difficult to make a vaccine for the coronavirus?

February 23, 2021 - 15:33

In the human body, hereditary traits are transmitted by a ladder-shaped, twisted molecule called DNA. During cell division, the two strands of DNA separate, and a new copy is made from each strand. In this way, each new cell will have a single strand of DNA molecule in the nucleus. During the fabrication of DNA strands, a modifying agent confirms the accuracy of the molecule made. If the genetic mutations are produced incorrectly in the DNA, what is produced will fail. However, many viruses, such as coronaviruses, have a single-stranded molecule called RNA instead of DNA. These viruses transmit hereditary traits to new viruses by the same RNA.

But there is an important difference between DNA and RNA. The difference is that there is no modifying factor for RNA genetic replication. Therefore, when the RNA strand carries a genetic mutation, the generated strand does not fail; instead, the new and mutated virus becomes pathogenic. Hence, it is very difficult to produce a vaccine to produce the new viruses. The corona family is one of the largest viral families. Viruses in this family cause a variety of illnesses similar to the common cold. Some of these viruses cause the common cold symptoms and some of these cause severe respiratory illness.

What technology are used in a Corona vaccine?

In general, there are several ways to make a vaccine that scientists try to find the best way after analyzing the virus. Today, we all know that several countries have developed vaccines, each using the different technology. The technologies used to make the vaccine are as follows:

  • Virus carrier technology
  • RNA technology
  • Protein-based technology
  • Weak virus technology

Coronaviruses and the technology used for making them!



Dosage required for injection

Strazanka Oxford Vaccine

Virus carries

2 times

Moderna Vaccine


2 times

Pfizer Vaccine


2 times

Sputnik V Vaccine

Virus Carries

2 times

Sinovac Vaccine

Weak virus

2 times

Novavax Vaccine

Protein Virus

2 times


The vaccine which is based on “the weak virus Technology” uses a portion of the dead coronavirus to stimulate the body's immune system against the disease. In fact, it is a traditional vaccine that is similar in structure to the rabies vaccine. Moreover, the procedure for “Virus Carrier Technology” is as the following:

  • Experts take the spike protein genes on the surface of the coronavirus and insert them into a harmless virus from which the vaccine is made.
  • The vaccine is given to humans.
  • The vaccine is entered the cells of the human body and they begin to produce spike protein.
  • The immune system reacts by producing antibodies and activating T-cell lymphocytes to destroy the horn protein.
  • If the coronavirus enters the body in the future, there are antibodies needed to fight the virus in the body.

Corona vaccine in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very sensitive period, and if the necessary care is not taken during this period, it can have very devastating effects on the health of mother and fetus. By beginning the public vaccination against Corona disease in many countries, the question for many is whether pregnant women can inject the vaccine or not?! In fact, health organizations have already stated that pregnant women should not receive the vaccine. Also, women who plan to become pregnant in the next three months should not be vaccinated. Health experts say pregnant women should get the vaccine after giving birth. If, after injecting the first dose of this vaccine, a person realizes that she is pregnant, she should postpone the injection of the second dose of the vaccine until after delivery.


Here we tried to address why it is difficult to make a vaccine for Corona disease?! By considering this fact that there is no effective drug yet to treat the disease, global organizations, including the World Health Organization, are working to introduce useful supplements to reduce the effects of this virus. One of the best ways is to take multivitamins and boost your immune system.

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