Afghan president proposes three-phase peace roadmap

April 5, 2021 - 21:26

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani will put forward a three-phase peace roadmap for Afghanistan during a proposed meeting in Turkey, seeking an agreement with the Taliban and a ceasefire before elections, a document seen by Reuters news agency shows.

The United States is pushing for a conference to be hosted by Turkey, with the involvement of the United Nations, this month to finalize a peace deal between the government and the Taliban as a May 1 deadline looms for the withdrawal of all foreign troops.

Ghani’s plan will be presented as a counter to proposals put forward by Washington – and rejected by the Afghan government – that envisage immediately drawing up a new legal system for an interim administration to include Taliban representatives.

The document shows that Ghani’s reaching an End state proposal will include, in the first phase, a consensus on a political settlement and an internationally monitored ceasefire.

The second phase will be holding a presidential election and the establishment of a “government of peace” and implementation arrangements for moving towards the new political system.

The third phase will involve building a “constitutional framework, reintegration of refugees and development” for Afghanistan moving forward.

A senior government official said Ghani has already shared his road map with foreign capitals.

A date for the Turkey meeting is yet to be decided, but multiple sources told Reuters it could take place in the next two weeks.

The Afghan government and a number of politicians said they would have to agree on an agenda with the Taliban before the meeting.

In a statement last month, the Taliban threatened to resume hostilities against foreign troops in Afghanistan if they did not meet the May 1 deadline set out in an agreement between the armed group and the Trump administration last year.

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