Documentary on "The Zeinabi Division" to be broadcasted soon

April 6, 2021 - 18:40

TEHRAN - The documentary "The Zeinabi Division", the first part of the documentary series "These Stars", including the meeting of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution with the families of the martyrs, will soon be broadcast on IRIB Channel 1.

According to the Mehr news agency, one of Ayatollah Khamenei's regular plans is to meet and talk with the families of the martyrs. So far, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has personally visited the families of hundreds of martyrs from different parts of the country in their homes and talked closely with these families.

Hosting various gatherings of the martyrs' families and talking to them is also one of Leader's regular plans.

The documentary series "These Stars" aims to convey parts of what is happening in these meetings to Iranian people.

"The Zeinabi Division" is the first part of this series, which is dedicated to an overview of a number of meetings of the honorable families of the martyrs who defended the holy shrines in Iraq and Syria, which were held in the office of the Supreme Leader.

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