Electricity bills increase 33% for high consuming subscribers

April 13, 2021 - 12:45

TEHRAN- The managing director of Iran’s Power Generation and Distribution Company (TAVANIR) announced a 33-percent increase in electricity prices for high consuming subscribers who will not reduce their consumption by the next Iranian calendar month Ordibehesht (begins on April 20).

Mohammad-Hassan Motevalizadeh said the increase in electricity prices will be done according to the government's decree in recent years.

He said that based on the “power of Hope” program the electricity subscribers are categorized in three groups of high consuming, normal consuming and low consuming, adding that after the implementation of this program seven million low-consuming subscribers were subject to a 100-percent discount, and the number of the high consuming subscribers was decreased by six percent.

He said, “Since the start of this program in last August, the subscribers have had some good cooperation with us, and we hope that the hot season coming this cooperation will increase.”

Implementation of a program by the Iranian Energy Ministry for rewarding efficient electricity subscribers with a 100 percent discount on their bills, has reduced the number of high-consuming subscribers across the country by 6.1 percent.

According to TAVANIR, this program called “Power of Hope”, was aimed to change the attitudes of household consumers towards the proper use of energy resources and consequently protect the environment.

The Energy Ministry started the implementation of the mentioned program in mid-August 2020.

In late August 2020, Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian had announced that the Power of Hope program was expected to reduce the country’s electricity consumption by 10 percent.

"This program will be implemented to both reward low-consuming subscribers and to encourage others to consume less and it is expected to reduce power consumption by 10 percent,” Ardakanian said in a press conference on the occasion of the Government Week (August 23-29, 2020).

The minister noted that according to a cabinet decision, all the subscribers that cooperated well with the Energy Ministry’s consumption management programs this summer are to be awarded.

"To do so, home subscribers were divided into three categories, which include low-consumers, normal-consumers, and high-consumers," he said.


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