Archaeological studies to start at Sassanid-era Sirvan

April 18, 2021 - 16:38

TEHRAN - The director general of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department of Ilam announced that the first season of archaeological studies at the historical city of Sirvan, which dates back to the Sassanid dynasty will begin in the coming days.

Abdolmalek Shanbehzadeh stated: "This city, during its glorious days, was the capital of Masbazan province, one of the most important and prosperous cities of Iran in the Sassanid period and the presence of bridges, roads, yards, numerous castles and ancient settlements in this area, shows the importance of this city."

He also referred to other plans of Ilam in the current Iranian year (started on March 20) in the field of research and excavations and noted: "We have several more excavations for speculation for demarcation, which we predict will reach four excavations."

Referring to the plans of this province in the current Iranian year in the field of cultural heritage, Shanbehzadeh said: "We have 12 buildings that are being repaired alternately; such as the historical city of Seymareh, the historical city of Sirvan, Kanjan Cham Castle, Ashraf Al-Ashayer Castle, etc., which we are going to proceed the restoration this year as well.”

The official went on to say: "We have handed over two buildings to the private sector, whose contracts will be concluded by the end of April; the building of the governor of Kahreh and also the castle of Kanjan Cham in Mehran city are two buildings that are to be used as residential and reception units."

He also referred to the measures being taken in the field of museums in Ilam, and announced the start of constructing Ilam Archaeological Museum and said: "The land has been prepared and the perspectives and studies of this museum have been done and we hope its construction is started in the current year."

Shanbehzadeh also stated that "registration of historical, natural and spiritual monuments in the list of national monuments is one of our plans and we hope to be able to register 20 works this year."

He also referred to tourism projects and said: "In this area, our focus is on ecotourism units. We have 16 projects that we are trying to complete and put into operation by the end of the government's term. Among them is the four-star hotel in Ilam, which is located two kilometers from the center of the province, and several tourist complexes are under construction that has achieved over 70% physical progress, and I hope we can put them into operation in the next few months."

Shanbehzadeh noted that in the field of development, the infrastructure of some tourist attractions in the field of water, electricity, and access route must be completed; Like Kafrin Strait, Lelar Tourism Complex, Abdanan Siahgav Twin Lake.

He went on to point out that they have planned to set up 15 handicraft workshops in Ilam this year, adding that the handicraft market in Sarablah would also be launched in the coming weeks. "Also, the project of private stone and fossil museum in Ilam city has been completed and we have a plan to inaugurate it on the agenda."

Shanbehzadeh also noted: "We currently have 40 active eco-tourist units in Ilam, and the launch of another 20 units is underway, and we will do our best to provide the resources they need."

Regarding the health tourism in Iran, Shanbehzadeh said, "we intended to revive the tourism memorandum between Ilam and Iraq, but corona outbreak interrupted it. Fortunately, Kuh-e-Sar Ilam Hospital received its health certificate from the Ministry of Health and can soon start its medical activity as a health tourism complex. Its accommodation section has also been activated and can accept foreign health tourists, especially from Iraq.”

He pointed out to the program that started last year for booming natural and adventure tourism in Ilam province and said: "This year, we plan to focus on this issue, considering the nature tourism capabilities of Ilam, which has made it known as the bride of Zagros, we will focus on it. Meanwhile, there are some very beautiful valleys such as special valleys in Ilam that are unique in Iran, and these, along with numerous mountains and waterfalls, have become an excuse for adventurous tourists to enter the province so that only during Nowruz this year, over 40 nature tours entered Ilam.”

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