Iranian nature photographer Ali-Akbar Aqajari dies of COVID-19 at 62

April 25, 2021 - 19:11

TEHRAN – Iranian photographer Ali-Akbar Aqajari, most famous for his photography of Iranian natural attractions, died of COVID-19 on Saturday. He was 62.

The photographer had underlying health conditions and had suffered from motion sickness in recent years, the Persian service of IRNA reported on Sunday.

He made headlines after publishing his book titled “Iran, the Land of Glory and Beauty”.

Aqajari’s book was a collection of his works as a nature photographer, showcasing an original image of Iran. The book was published at his own expense, an issue that he had publicly criticized. 

Aqajari’s efforts were disregarded by cultural officials over the past few years, while the cost of publishing his own book created many hardships for him. 

In an interview published few years ago, Aqajari pointed to his long brilliant career in photography and said, “I have labored for the art of this land for many years.”

He has said that the cultural officials promised to fully support him for the cost of his book, however, they only purchased 50 copies of the book for libraries. 

“Now I have endured so much stress that I can no longer walk,” he lamented.

The book features a chapter providing a set of guidelines for tourists based on his professional experiences of traveling around the country.  

Aqajari also built collections in various other fields, the most notable of which was his photos of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

He left behind a variety of images of Iranian traditional rites, nomads and beautiful landscapes, which will remain in the memories of Iranians for generations to come. 

Photo: Iranian nature photographer Ali-Akbar Aqajari in an undated photo.


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