Army to set up five field hospitals nationwide

April 30, 2021 - 16:38

TEHRAN – The Iranian Army will set up five field hospitals in the country to offer services to COVID-19 patients, IRIB reported on Thursday.

A 120-bed field hospital built by the Army, equipped with advanced medical devices to provide services to the people and medical staff, was inaugurated on April 24 in Isfahan province.

This field hospital is equipped with an ICU ward, ventilators, cardiac monitoring systems, oxygen generators, and resuscitation rooms, which offer services to coronavirus patients.

The Army, as it is present in various fields, can provide significant services to those infected with the pandemic with all its might, Abdolrahim Mousavi, Commander-in-Chief of the Army said.

Earlier this month, due to the rising number of coronavirus patients, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) doubled the number of beds in its affiliated hospitals allocated to the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The IRGC-affiliated health and medical centers are fully prepared to provide the necessary assistance in the treatment of COVID-19 patients whenever the Ministry of Health announces, IRGC’s health department head Brigadier General Ahmad Abdollahi said.


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