“Portraits and Persons” published in Persian 

May 7, 2021 - 18:41

TEHRAN – “Portraits and Persons: A Philosophical Inquiry” by American philosopher Cynthia A. Freeland has recently been published in Persian 

Gilgamesh is the publisher of the book translated by Hossein Azimi.

Freeland’s discussion is remarkably free-wheeling. For example, in considering the simple question of whether one can have a portrait of an animal, she ranges from Descartes and Darwin to William Wegman’s “May Ray” and David Hockney's dachshunds, and she sheds light on such issues as whether or not animals possess soul, mind, or individuality of character. 

Indeed, throughout the book, Freeland addresses a whole host of fascinating philosophical problems posed by the art of portraiture. 

How exactly have artists through the ages managed to depict the inner state of the subject being portrayed? Is it in fact possible for an artist to capture someone’s individual “air”, their unique aura? And how has science been used to help in this quest? 

Featuring more than fifty halftones, this is an exhilarating philosophical exploration of portraiture that highlights its important contribution to the complex evolving discourse about human nature.

Cynthia is an associate professor of philosophy and director of Women’s Studies at the University of Houston.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian translation of Cynthia A. Freeland’s “Portraits and Persons”.


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