Rural museum house makes debut in Golestan province

May 15, 2021 - 20:0

TEHRAN – The first rural museum house in Golestan province has recently opened its doors to the public, a local tourism official announced on Saturday.

“Some 100 objects, including various agricultural tools, implements of daily life, handicrafts, spinning and weaving tools, etc., have been put on show at the museum house,” Mohammad-Taha Asgaripour added.

The museum house, which is located in Farsiyan, is expected to put the village on the tourism map for domestic and international travelers, he said.

“Turing the spotlight on the history of the village, its historical capacities, handicrafts, and travel attractions are expected to lay the ground for a sustainable tourism in the village,” he explained. 

Experts believe that rural tourism, agritourism, and farm-stays can be regarded as a win-win both for local communities, and post-modern travelers who are tracing unique experiences.

Sightseers may stay with a rural or nomadic family for a while or enjoy an independent stay and assist them with day-to-day life. It also opens up an opportunity to feel rustic routines, their agriculture, traditions, arts, and culture.

Rural tourism, most of all, sets the ground for economic development in rural areas by creating additional income and employment especially for young people and women; the prosperity of handicrafts, and more entrepreneurship prospects. It can also improve the social wellbeing in rural areas, for instance by stimulating improvements in infrastructure, sanitation, and electricity networks.

Golestan is reportedly embracing some 2,500 historical and natural sites, with UNESCO-registered Gonbad-e Qabus – a one-millennium-old brick tower – amongst its most famous.


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