Saeed Mohammad expresses support for Raeisi

May 30, 2021 - 22:11

TEHRAN — Saeed Mohammad, who himself registered to run for president but rejected by the Guardian Council, met with Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi on Saturday.

Mohammad was accompanied by his team who was supposed to act as his right-hand men in the presidential campaign.

He presented a report on the process of forming and organizing popular campaign offices that had been formulated for the future government. He also pointed to the activated capacities of the network of faithful and revolutionary youth throughout the country.

The former chief of the IRGC construction unit also announced the full readiness of these campaign offices to support Raeisi. He said the groundwork for these activities has also been prepared. 

Mohammad announced that these campaign offices will maintain their former structure with the new title of the youth campaign offices supporting Raeisi, and would continue their activities during the campaigns to realize the "young revolutionary government".

For his part, while appreciating the efforts of Mohammad and his accompanying team in recent months and insisting on maintaining the great capacity created under Mohammad's campaign offices, Raeisi praised the sincere efforts that led him to enter the election race. Raeisi said these capacities must be tapped.

The presidential election will be held on June 18.The candidates have started campaigning since May 25, as soon as the names of the confirmed candidates were announced by the Guardian Council. 


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