• Ejei 2021-07-05 21:22

    New Judiciary chief says justice must expand in all aspects

    TEHRAN — Speaking at his inauguration ceremony on Monday, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei said that the Judiciary must do its best to broaden justice in all fields.

  • Qalibaf 2021-07-05 21:20

    Speaker: Ejei’s deep knowledge of Judiciary will benefit country

    TEHRAN — Parliament speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said on Monday that the deep knowledge and understanding of Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei as the new judiciary chief will benefit the country.

  • Jahromi-Raisi 2021-07-03 21:44

    Cabinet members brief President-elect Raisi

    TEHRAN — In runup to transition of power from President Hassan Rouhani to President-elect Ebrahim Raisi on Saturday the ministers of defense, agriculture, communications, the head of the Planning and Budget Organization and the governor of the central bank met separately with President-elect Ebrahim Raisi in his office on Saturday.

  • Raisi 2021-07-02 19:35

    Raisi launches website for people to suggest capable managers

    TEHRAN — In an unprecedented move, President-elect Ebrahim Raisi’s office launched a website called “Companions of Raisi,” asking people to submit names and numbers of people whom they assume have the caliber to be future managers and ministers of his future administration.

  • Raisi 2021-06-30 18:38

    President-elect writes to Leader, asking permission to quit Judiciary

    TEHRAN — In a letter addressed to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei released on Wednesday, President-elect Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi sought permission to quit as the head of the Judiciary and concentrate on forming his government.

  • Amin Hoteit 2021-06-29 18:16

    By Ali A. Jenabzadeh

    Israel is intimidated by Raisi election: Lebanese expert

    TEHRAN- A senior Lebanese political analyst says that Ebrahim Raisi’s firmness and decisiveness have frightened Israel and its Western allies.

  • Haddad Adel 2021-06-27 20:16

    Former parliament speaker: Raisi-Qalibaf ties are deep

    TEHRAN — "I testify that there is a deep understanding between Raisi and Qalibaf,” former parliament speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel said on Sunday.

  • Raeisi 2021-06-22 21:30

    U.S. 'temporary suspension' ploy and the next administration in Iran

    TEHRAN – In the latest sign of policy change in Iran, Iranian President-elect Ebrahim Raisi gave a resounding no to a question on whether he would meet his American counterpart after U.S. sanctions on Iran are removed, suggesting that Iran is not limiting its foreign policy to interactions with the United States.

  • Ebrahim Raisi 2021-06-21 15:13

    Missile program is non-negotiable, president-elect says 

    Raisi says his election as president sends message to the world

    TEHRAN – Ebrahim Raisi who overwhelmingly won the presidential election on June 18 held a press conference on Monday to elaborate on his major domestic and foreign policy priorities.

  • Rouhani Raeisi 2021-06-20 21:35

    Rouhani directs economic committee to give economic reports to President-elect Raisi

    TEHRAN — President Hassan Rouhani has directed his cabinet’s economic coordination committee to provide a report on the country’s economic status to President-elect Ebrahim Raisi.

  • Raeisi 2021-06-19 23:02

    Foreign regional leaders congratulate Iran’s president-elect Raeisi

    TEHRAN – Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a message on Saturday congratulating the election of Ebrahim Raeisi as the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • Leader casting vote 2021-06-19 22:29

    Leader felicitates nation over the elections

    TEHRAN — In a message issued on Saturday noon, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praised the “epic” participation of the people in the June 18 presidential and council elections.

  • Raeisi 2021-06-19 22:28

    Who is Iran’s elected president?

    TEHRAN — Following the declaration of Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi as the winner of the 13h presidential elections, the Tehran Times decided to take a brief look at his profile.

  • Rouhani Raeisi 2021-06-19 22:28

    Officials rush to congratulate Raisi

    TEHRAN — President-elect Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi had a very busy day on Saturday as he was showered with congratulatory messages from various Iranian politicians as well as political parties and figures.

  • Ebrahim Raisi 2021-06-19 21:52

    JCPOA talks continue as Raisi secures landslide victory

    TEHRAN – In what appeared to be a diplomatic miscalculation, the UN nuclear watchdog’s chief has said that an agreement with Iran should be reached after the outcome of Iran’s presidential election is announced.

  • All participate 2021-06-19 14:56

    All participate

    Followers of other faiths including Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians join Muslim people in Iran on Friday to vote for the presidential elections Friday. As the voting began early at 7:00 in the morning, Iranians attended polling stations to vote for their desired candidate. Despite all the negative propaganda by Western media outlets to downplay the people’s participation in the elections, Iranians once again proved that they are the sole decision-makers of their fate.

  • Ghalibaf 2021-06-19 01:01

    Election from point of view of officials

    TEHRAN — Prominent political figures cast vote for the presidential and council elections on Friday. Political figures cast votes as the voting began at 7:00 in Iran. Simultaneously, mid-term parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections were held in a few constituencies in the country.

  • Making history, again! 2021-06-18 23:46

    Making history, again!

    TEHRAN — As the voting began early at 7:00 in the morning, Iranians poured onto the street to vote for their desired candidate. Despite all negative propaganda by the foreign mainstream media outlets to downplay the people’s participation in the elections, Iranians once again proved that they are the sole decision-makers of their fate.

  • Iranians made history as usual 2021-06-18 20:14

    Iranians made history as usual

    As the voting began early at 7:00 in the morning, Iranians poured onto the street to vote for their desired candidate. Despite all the sabotages done by the foreign mainstream media outlets to downplay the people’s presence in the elections, Iranians one again proved that they are the sole decision-makers of their fate.

  • Iran’s presidential elections  2021-06-18 12:44

    Polls underway in Iran’s presidential elections 

    TEHRAN – Presidential elections in Iran opened at 7:00 a.m. local time on Friday, June 18, and will last until midnight.

  • Leader 2021-06-18 11:06

    Leader casts votes for elections

    TEHRAN— Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, cast his votes early on Friday for the 13th presidential election, the 6th Islamic city and village councils election, the 5th Assembly of Experts midterm election, and the 11th parliamentary midterm election.

  • Saeed Jalili 2021-06-16 23:37

    Jalili, Zakani, Mehr Alizadeh withdraw from election race

    TEHRAN — In separate statements issued on Wednesday, Saeed Jalili, Alireza Zakani, and Mohsen Mehr Alizadeh withdrew from the presidential race.

  • Leader 2021-06-16 23:37

    600 Sunni clerics and Friday prayer leaders write to Leader; urge people to participate

    TEHRAN — A group of Friday prayer leaders, scholars and Sunni clerics in Iran have published a letter addressed to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei announcing their readiness to participate enthusiastically in the Friday elections.

  • hemmati 2021-06-16 23:36

    Hemmati: I will use Zarif in my cabinet

    TEHRAN — In a tweet posted on Wednesday, presidential contender Abdolnasser Hemmati said that he will use the experience of Mohammad Javad Zarif as either vice president or foreign minister in his cabinet if he is elected president.

  • Leader 2021-06-16 23:32

    Leader: Voting is solution to problems

    TEHRAN — In a live speech late on Wednesday, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei talked about the Friday presidential election and recent accomplishments made by Iranian experts in producing vaccine to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Takhtravanchi 2021-06-16 22:02

    Takht Ravanchi: 27 polling stations in U.S. for Iranian presidential polls

    TEHRAN — Iran’s envoy to the United Nations, Majid Takht Ravanchi, said on Wednesday morning that Iranians living in the United States can cast ballots for the presidential elections in Iran at 27 polling places in 18 U.S. states.

  • Saeed Jalili 2021-06-15 21:28

    Jalili: Healthcare plan is flawed

    TEHRAN — Presidential candidate Saeed Jalili visited Haft-e Tir hospital at Rey on Tuesday and met face to face with healthcare workers, discussing their issues and problems.

  • Ghazizadeh Hashemi 2021-06-15 21:28

    Qazizadeh travels to North Khorasan province

    TEHRAN — Amir Hossein Qazizadeh Hashemi is the first of seven candidates in the 13th presidential election to travel to North Khorasan province to campaign.

  • presidential candidate Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi 2021-06-15 21:25

    Raeisi: Leader’s will about culture must be implemented

    TEHRAN — In a meeting with poets, writers and publishers on Monday night, presidential contender Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi said that the cultural points expressed by the Leader of the Revolution are not advice, rather they should be implemented.

  • Ali Rabiei 2021-06-15 21:23

    Government calls for high voter turnout in Friday polls

    TEHRAN – Government spokesman Ali Rabiei on Tuesday called on people to participate massively in the Friday presidential elections.