Hemmati airs views through social media

May 30, 2021 - 21:29

TEHRAN — In a Clubhouse session arranged by a group of reporters, presidential candidate Abdolnasser Hemmati, who is currently the governor of the central bank, discussed various topics, including FATF, future of the central bank, and economic issues.

“I came in because I think over the last three decades, our problems have increased, and economy has been driven by politics. I am trying to do the opposite. I think an economist president can be a way forward and take serious steps with his economic vision,” he noted. 

Hemmati said that he considers himself as an economist, therefore he doesn’t believe in state-run economy. 

“The government must play the role of investor in infrastructure. I am in favor of downsizing the government,” he remarked. 

The presidential candidate said that the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is one of the requirements of governing the country, but “unfortunately it is caught in the political complexities in Iran."

“I once said that the governor of the central bank should give the most effective opinion in this regard, but I had the least effective opinion. And the idea that if we accept the FATF we can no longer bypass sanctions is completely wrong. There are about 200 institutions and countries that are members, but does it mean that only we and another country understand this?” he asked. 

Hemmati criticized members of the Expediency Council for not approving the FATF, saying that they have been withholding the decision-making process for two years for no apparent reason. 

He said that the member countries are cooperating with the Islamic Republic to circumvent the sanctions. “How can they do that?” he questioned.

"Our economic team has always been uncoordinated in government because there has not been an economist president," he said. 

"The main decision-maker is the one who has to analyze the economy. I'm not just focused on economics. I also share my political plans and views. In the last three decades, we have seen inflation averaging 20%. The government's priority must seriously be the economy. People are in a tight spot. We have to solve these problems. We have a political program. Certainly the government is political, but the priority of its work is economic,” the presidential candidate said. 

Hemmati said he believes that his opponents are not other candidates.

Rather, he said, “It is the anger of the people. I hope the people's anger will be broken with the elections.”

In another part of his remarks, Hemmati described Mohammad Javad Zarif as a patriot and a clever person.

In an open reference to presidential candidate Qazizadeh Hashemi Hemmati said some candidates are comparing the stock market with “microwave”, promising to solve its problem in three days only.

Qazizadeh Hashemi has also said he will give 500 million tomans to each young couple to buy a house or create job for themselves. 

“We should not resort to populist actions. Some candidates say we want to give 450,000 tomans in cash subsidy (each month) or say we want to give a loan of 500 million tomans to each couple. From which sources? They say they want to give some amount of subsidy. I am not opposed to it, just say where do you want to get this money from? You will put the inflationary burden on the shoulders of the people.

Presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaei has said he will give 450,000 tomans in cash subsidy to 40 million citizens per month.

Regarding cyberspace, Hemmati said that it has helped the Iranian economy during the coronavirus pandemic, thus it should be expanded. 

“Cyberspace is the business space of the people; can this be closed? We have to maintain and strengthen this space, closing down the cyberspace is toying with people's lives and businesses. During the coronavirus pandemic, people's lifestyles changed and business flourished through cyberspace; can this space be shut down? I thank Mr. (Mohammad Javad Azari) Jahromi for his efforts and resistance to preserve and develop this space,” he remarked. 

“Let the people come and vote, and I promise that I will stand firm and defend the rights of the people. The conditions of the country do not remain like this. It will develop,” he stated.

The Coronavirus pandemic has shifted campaigns from in-person presence to online talks and rallies. 

The presidential candidates began campaigning on May 25. The presidential elections will be held on June 18. 


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