A group of reformists set up campaign office to support Raeisi

May 29, 2021 - 22:25

TEHRAN — A group of reformists have set up a campaign office to support presidential candidate Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi.

The campaign office spokesman, Khezr Khalili, said despite the criticisms by some reformists about the vetting process of the candidates by the Guardian Council, they have decided to participate in the elections and maintain the framework of a reformist attitude as they do not see a boycott of the elections in line with the national interests.

“Based on modern, national and reassuring views, which are clearly mentioned in Ayatollah Raeisi’s election statement, this group of reformist activists decided to expand into a broader campaign with the aim of converging and focusing on the country's transition program from existing problems and crises and form a political current to encourage the people to participate in great numbers in the elections and support Ayatollah Raeisi,” he explained.

Khezr Khalili said that Ayatollah Raeisi has clearly stated that he is an independent candidate and presented modern and reformist programs to combat corruption, promote transparency, reduce tensions, make immediate efforts to lift sanctions, guarantee freedom of media and opinion, eliminate discrimination that realization of them will significantly improve the political and economic situation. 

The implementation of such a policy will reduce the pressure and hardship “on the dear people of our country,” he pointed out.

The candidates started campaigns on May 25, right after the Guardian Council announced the names of the confirmed presidential hopefuls.

The candidates should end their campaigns by June 17, 23:59pm. 


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