Raeisi says situation can change by participation in election

May 28, 2021 - 21:37

TEHRAN — The cleric presidential candidate Ebrahim Raeisi visited the graves of martyrs of Sacred Defense on Friday morning during which he listened to people and their problems.

Raeisi said if people participate in the elections, God willing, the situation will change and improve.

He added that today people are upset and worried about problems, and some are frustrated, and some feel that nothing can be done.

However, he said problems can be resolved and his government can take important decisions if he is elected president.

“We know and want and can do something in this direction. This path is seemingly difficult and we have been told a lot that the path is not easy, but we think that with the presence of these good and cheerful young people, the peak will be conquered and the problems will be decreased.” 

The presidential elections will be held on June 18. The candidates have started campaigning since May 25.


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