Candidates elaborate on economic plans

May 29, 2021 - 22:25

TEHRAN— Just a few days after the presidential election campaigns have officially begun, candidates are laying out economic reform plans.

Following is a summary of the candidates’ plans. 

Mohsen Rezaei

Since Rezaei considers himself as an economic expert he thinks what he says is based on facts and figures. He claims that he will grant a cash subsidy of 450,000 tomans (almost $107 at the official rate of 42,000 rials) to 40 million Iranians per month. Rezaei promises to swiftly identify single rate for foreign currencies as he defends a single-rate foreign currency.

Amir Hossein Qazizade Hashemi

Qazizade Hashemi has started the presidential contest with lofty goals. He has stated that he will restore the stock market in three days since it only requires a presidential order in his opinion. He has also promised the young couples a five hundred million toman allowance (almost $120,000). The physician-turned politician has dubbed his administration the "government of greetings." Qazizade Hashemi, who represents the city of Mashhad in the parliament, has also said no Iranian will remain homeless under his administration.

Mohsen Mehr Alizadeh

Mehr Alizadeh has declared that he wishes to develop a "social economy" in Iran. He claims that his government will reduce the inflation rate in three to four months. He considers multi-rate foreign currency as a virus that infects the national economy. He recently stated that a competitive economy is on his agenda, since he believes that the government should not control more than 25% of the economy. He claims that he has been studying for two years on how to control the inflation rate.

Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi

Raeisi believes that liquidity should be directed toward the manufacturing sector. He argues that Iran's economy is mismanaged. According to the cleric presidential contender, a coordinated economic team will lead to a stable economy. Raeisi believes that inflation can be reduced to a single rate but it entails significant efforts.

Abdolnasser Hemmati

Hemmati has not yet elaborated on his plans. Hemmati, who has a PhD in economics and now serves as the central bank governor, has stated that he will restore the stock market, control inflation, and repair the economy.

Saeed Jalili

Jalili has formulated a detailed plan to revitalize the Iranian economy. He has said that Iran might even export chicken in addition to oil and petrochemicals. The former secretary of the Supreme National Security Council has promised to release specifics of his economic plan on a daily basis. Jalili, who hold a PhD in politics, contends that the economy can be fixed if the government stops arranging conferences for "shows" and starts doing its job.

Alireza Zakani

Zakani has stated that he will combat economic corruption. He also believes in a single foreign currency rate. He claims that he will take money from the "privileged ones" and distribute it to others with lower salaries. Zakani says he intends to force banks to generate jobs because he believes it will significantly reduce unemployment. He has also stated that he intends to invest in petrochemicals as an alternative to crude oil export.


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