Zakani: Americans will beg Iran if I am elected president

May 28, 2021 - 21:37

TEHRAN — Speaking in an online show on presidential elections on Friday morning, Alireza Zakani elaborated on his plans, particularly those regarding the nuclear negotiations already underway in Vienna, Austria.

Stating that Iran is facing issues such as nuclear industry, regional influence, missile program, and human rights, Zakani said that the Western countries are seeking to discredit Iran.

“Westerners have a material understanding, and among these issues, the nuclear ability has the capacity to be traded. The profit of this transaction can be minimal or maximum.”

He said Iran is not sanctionable but “this is the strategic tool of the United States” to sanction Iran and “it will never give up.”

Zakani says the Islamic Republic has taken action on the JCPOA and now it is the Europeans’ turn. 

“The United States can also return to the deal by lifting all sanctions, after Iran’s verification. The current administration is seeking a verbal commitment,” the presidential candidate noted. 

He says the American pressure on the Iranian people was aimed to explode the society. 

However, he said, “If I become president, the Americans will beg and be forced to lift all sanctions.” 

Zakani emphasized that all U.S. policies in dealing with Iran have failed. 

“The Strategic Action law passed by the parliament must be implemented and the result is the desperation of the United States and Europe. I see the atmosphere of diplomacy as an opportunity, and with the right logic they should be isolated,” the parliamentarian stated. 

On the JCPOA, the candidate said that the negotiations were not the administration’s decision. 

He added, “The Supreme National Security Council decides on the issue of negotiations.” 


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