“You’re dead? So what?” published in Persian

May 31, 2021 - 19:4

TEHRAN - Zahra Ameli’s translation of Cheryl L. Neely’s book “You’re dead? So what?” has been published in Persian by Saad Publications in Tehran. 

An ebook edition of the Persian translation has also been released, the publisher has announced.

It is an empirical study of media and law enforcement bias in reporting and investigating violence against African-American women compared to their white counterparts.

Neely is a professor of sociology and criminology at Oakland Community College.

Her book is one of the few studies that has focused on both race and gender as collective factors in determining the extent and prominence of media coverage, as well as the particular method through which violence against Black women is disregarded in America. 

In a thorough discussion, the African-American author outlines the corresponding relationship between law enforcement institutions and news agencies.

She investigates the level of information sharing regarding cases, the treatment of victims, the public perception of the case, and the overall public interest in crimes that subsequently pressure law enforcement agencies to solve cases. 

In a cautious comparison of several cases of both Black and white female victims, Neely reveals that Black women are more likely than white women to be victims of violent crimes in the U.S., and less likely to have the news coverage they deserve, while the police were also observed as not having any serious incentive to investigate and take on their cases. 

She conducts other studies on the time and resources spent by law enforcement institutions on the investigation of crimes, the media coverage of which often generates leads.

Neely consequently concludes that the African-American women who are victims of violence do not receive equal institutional privileges as that of their white counterparts, nor are they given equal treatment as others in being represented by law enforcement. 

Photo: A poster for the Persian translation of Cheryl L. Neely’s book “You’re dead? So what?”.


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