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Sven Platte on the Role of Digitization in the Transformation of Modern Businesses

June 8, 2021 - 14:10

Life is all about evolution. Just as the day turns into night and the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, so too must we embrace change, no matter how painful or dramatic, if we are to reach our full potential.

Entrepreneur and CEO of Digistore24, Sven Platte knows all about the power of transformation. Before he became a tech millionaire overseeing a rapidly expanding empire, he spent his days keeping people’s teeth in pristine condition. The transition from dentist to digital guru may at first appear strange, but for Sven, it was simply about returning to being what at heart he always knew he was – a natural, born entrepreneur.

“I come from a background which puts a special emphasis on being motivated, disciplined, and having a strong work ethic,” explained Sven. “As such, I was always expected to study hard and enter a professional occupation. I chose dentistry, but after becoming a licensed dentist I realised my heart lay in another direction entirely.”

In 2008, that direction led Sven into the then-fledgling world of online businesses. At first, he joined forces with some other business partners and sold a diverse range of e-books on the internet.

Sven explained, “It was a very lucrative enterprise but we soon outgrew the software platforms we were using. They just weren’t sustainable. As opposed to looking for new ones, I decided to sell up my share in the business and focus all my time and energy on creating my own platform.”

Sven invested every last dollar he owned into the first version of Digistore24. It was all or nothing, but the calculated risk paid off spectacularly.

Sven said, “At first, I intended to create just a platform that worked in the way I wanted and needed it to work. Thankfully, the first CTO of Digistore24 did a spectacular job of delivering that platform. When I saw just how accessible and usable it was, I knew we had an extremely viable and dynamic software business on our hands.”

Sven was extremely hands-on in the first few years, involving himself in every aspect of the company, and today the company has grown to employ over 150 people and has a nine-figure turnover. 

The Digistore24 CEO reflected, “At heart, Digistore24 is a service that provides everyone with the opportunity to monetize their passion. Its infrastructure comes with everything you need to build a sustainable online business. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the gift that keeps giving and my life’s purpose.”

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