There’s prospect for lifting of sanctions in dignified manner: government

June 8, 2021 - 23:32

TEHRAN – Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday that there is a prospect for cancellation of all nuclear and non-nuclear sanctions against Iran in a “dignified manner”.

He also said the government has implemented numerous projects including in petrochemicals, steel industry, transportation, etc.

Speaking in a weekly news briefing, the government spokesman also cited self-sufficiency in gasoline production, transfer of water from the Persian Gulf to water-hungry provinces as other examples.

These projects will positively affect employment and economic improvement.

 “JCPOA is a national issue”

On what is the guarantee that the next government would seek to revive the JCPOA if it is not restored in the current administration, the government spokesman said the nuclear issue is a “national issue” which is being pursued through consensus.

He said on “national and macro policies” it is the Islamic Republic system that decides.

“Therefore, any decision that is made through consensus” by the ruling system “about negotiations will be respected by the next government.”

Iran and the remaining parties to the nuclear deal -- three European countries plus Russia, China -- as well as the United States are set to resume the six round of nuclear deal talks in Vienna next week.

Hopes for restoring the JCPOA was raised as the Biden administration has expressed willingness to return to the multilateral deal that was abandoned by the Trump administration.

Nuclear negotiators have returned to the capitals for consultation. Some diplomats have expressed hope that the next round of talks would be the last one.

The European countries are acting as intermediary between Iran and the United States as Iran has said it will not enter dialogue with Americans until they return to the JCPOA and lift sanctions.

Diplomats have said most issues related to the revival of the JCPOA are being ironed out but a few most important issues still remain unsettled which entails political decisions at Washington and Tehran.

“We hope that the next round of talks to bear results,” the government spokesman said.

However, Rabiei said as Iran has not been in hurry for nuclear deal talks it is also opposed to a prolongation of talks.

He added, “Our concentration is on completion of negotiations in the remaining time.”

The Iranian parliament has set deadlines for reactivation of the JCPOA otherwise Iran will continue to reduce its nuclear deal obligations

However, Rabiei said he prefers not to make guesses on the nuclear deal talks “sooner than what is necessary.”

The government also said hope for ratification of the CFT and Palermo will be raised if the JCPOA is revived. However, he said the ratification of these two bills are in the hands of the Expediency Council.

He also said there is no connection between the FATF and the ongoing nuclear deal talks in Vienna.

The JCPOA is independent from the FATF, he added.

The government also complained that in the televised presidential debates there was no mention on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and sanctions on the economy.

It was necessary that the IRIB (national TV) which poses questions to the presidential candidates do not ignore the effects of “maximum pressure”, Coronavirus, and the economic war waged by the Trump administration.

“It seems that in view of those who pose questions sanctions and Corona did not worth mentioning.”

He said those candidates who are making harsh attacks against the government and “say that we can manage better” should answer questions that how they could manage the country when Trump was bent on strangulating the Iranian economy.

They should also should answer that how they could manage the country better when the Coronavirus has affected the global economy, the spokesman pointed out.

He added those who try to “prove” themselves see nothing other than undermining the government.

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