Rezaei publishes booklets on 31 provinces

June 14, 2021 - 22:5

TEHRAN — The presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaei has published 31 booklets, according to the number of provinces in Iran, revealing his plans which he claims are intended to revive the economy.

He promised in the final debate held on Saturday that he will publish his economic revival plan soon to let people know he is determined to “perform great surgeries” on the Iranian economy. 

He soon acted on his promise publishing the first volumes of his plans, which is focused on economic reform. 

Rezaei has paid a great deal of attention to economy in all his remarks and broadcasts, with particular attention on the youth, housing and cash subsidy. 

In the final presidential debate, he said economy needs “two surgeries”: reform within the system and reengineer the economy.

He reiterated that if corruption is rooted out, he can pay cash subsidy to 40 million Iranians which is 450,000 tomans.

Rezaei added that he has drafted a plan to take “Iran forward,” repeating that he will keep his promises.

Rezaei who had run unsuccessfully for the presidential post two times in the past also vowed to connect the youth to the banks to get long-term loans with low-interest rates.

He stated that his administration will base education system on schools and. The presidential aspirant has also said that women will benefit from cheap internet to sell goods and promote their business.

He has also promised to provide cheap housing for teachers to take a burden off of their shoulders.

He has promised that the share of the women in economy must be increased, stating that he has a modern plan.

Calling his government "pragmatic and strategic with plans based on scientific research," it was expected from him to publish his plans.


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