Syria eyes enhancement of economic ties with Iran

July 9, 2021 - 21:3

TEHRAN – Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad has discussed ways to boost economic ties with Iran in a meeting with a visiting Iranian parliamentary delegation.

Meqdad received on Thursday an Iranian parliamentary delegation from the Syrian-Iranian Parliamentary Friendship Association in the Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly headed by Abbas Golrou, vice president of the Association.

During the meeting, they discussed relations between the two countries, especially between the Syrian and Iranian parliaments. The two sides stressed the importance of parliamentary diplomacy in defending the interests of peoples in various international forums, as well as laying the necessary foundations for strengthening the capabilities and economic relations between the two countries in the face of economic terrorism represented by the unilateral coercive measures, the Syrian state news SANA reported.

Mekdad expressed the great appreciation that the Syrian leadership, government and people hold for the important role played by Iran in all political, military and economic fields to support his country in the war on terrorism.

He stressed in this regard that the one who defeated Daesh and other terrorist organizations is not those who claim to have formed an alliance for this purpose, but rather that the Syrian, Iranian and Russian forces and the resistance fighters from Iraq and Lebanon and their brothers from the honorable people of the region. 

The people whose blood mixed with the soil of this land for the sake of defeating these terrorist organizations and liberating the lands in which these terrorists were wreaking terrorism and corruption with the support of some countries of that ominous alliance that was fighting everything in the region except for the terrorists, the foreign minister stated.

For his part, MP Golrou stressed Tehran’s pride in the relations it has had with Syria throughout history, praising Syria's historical support for Iran in many stages and the distinguished level of relations between the two countries. He stressed the need to build on these relations to advance them in the economic and cultural fields, as they are in the political and other fields. Golrou also expressed his belief in the inevitable victory of the peoples of the region over all projects of arrogance, domination and occupation.

The two sides reviewed the recent presidential elections in Syria and Iran, which were a deep embodiment of the democratic values in which the peoples of the two countries believe.

When discussing the ongoing negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue, Mekdad praised in this regard the wisdom, strength and keenness of the Iranian leadership to defend the interests and rights of its people in the face of all attempts to pressure again, and Syria is standing by Iran in these negotiations.

During the meeting, they exchanged views on developments in the region, especially in the occupied Palestinian territories, where views were identical on the importance of supporting the steadfastness and resistance of the Palestinian people until their occupied land is liberated and their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital is established. 

The Iranian delegation also met with Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hammoudeh Sabbagh, who affirmed on Thursday the importance of boosting parliamentary relations through exchanging visits, viewpoints, and joint coordination at regional and international conferences, according to SANA. 

In his meeting with Golrou and his accompanying team, Sabbagh said that forces of evil and global aggression, led by the U.S., besiege Syria and Iran together under false and misleading titles, claiming that they fight terrorism, while, in fact, they support and protect it.

For his part, Golrou said that the visit of the Iranian delegation to Syria aims to enhance parliamentary cooperation and various domains of bilateral relations, and overcome any obstacles that may hinder their development in addition to employing the available capabilities to push them forward.

He expressed his country’s aspiration to fulfill advanced steps that make the friendship committees in both countries a role model.

In continuation of their visit, the Iranian delegation also met with Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous. The two sides stressed the importance of boosting parliamentary relations, increasing the joint visits to achieve the common interests of the two friendly countries and peoples.

The Syrian prime minister affirmed that the Syrian government seeks to push forwards and develop economic cooperation and trade exchange between the two countries and promote it up to the level of strategic relations that bind Syria and Iran.

He expressed appreciation for the support provided by Iran to the Syrian people, pointing out that the Syrian and Iranian peoples have foiled plots of the enemies in the region.

For his part, Golrou said that the aim of the Iranian parliamentary delegation’s visit to Syria is to increase coordination and cooperation and to overcome obstacles that may face joint relations.

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