U.S. brought insecurity for Afghanistan, says police official

July 14, 2021 - 2:3

TEHRAN — General Ghasem Rezaei, the deputy commander of the Iranian police, has said that arrogant countries led by the U.S. with their illegitimate presence in Afghanistan created a deplorable situation for the Afghans.

Rezaei made the remark on Monday when visiting Iran's southeastern borders and the Milak border terminal.

The deputy police chief added that the result of the illegitimate U.S presence in Afghanistan is nothing less than destruction and insecurity.

He said today the Afghan people need humanitarian assistance from world countries so the best help is to allow people to form a popular government based on their own wishes and not to meddle in the internal affairs of the country.

Developments in Afghanistan has unnerved the Afghan people and the countries neighboring Afghanistan. The Taliban, which is making rapid advances in Afghanistan, have so far captured some regions bordering Iran and Tajikistan. However, Iran has launched relentless efforts to reconcile the Afghan government and the Talban. Last week, Tehran hosted talks between top representatives from the Afghan government and the Taliban.   

General Rezaei said arrogant governments led by the “criminal U.S” have taken peace away from the region's peoples for more than 40 years and imposed such a deplorable situation on the people of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was first invaded by the Soviet Union in 1979. 22 years later, in 2001, the country was occupied by the United States. The flames of war that started in the Central Asian countries more than 40 years ago is still raging.

According to IRNA, the Iranian police official referred to the recent developments in Afghanistan, saying absolute security is prevalent in Iran's eastern borders.

The law enforcement forces of Iran are guarding borders with full vigilance and will not allow the least insecurity in the country's border areas thanks to the appropriate infrastructures created in the southern border regions over the past years to protect Iranian borders, General Rezaei stated.

Due to the recent developments in Afghanistan, there are some limitations in the Mahiroud border terminal and Dogharoon-Islam Qala border, while there are no security issues in the Milk border terminal and cars and goods have the same old traffic based on border protocols, he stated.


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