Hydrotherapy center opens in northwestern tourist city

July 31, 2021 - 17:6

TEHRAN –A modern hydrotherapy center was inaugurated in the tourist city of Meshkinshahr, northwestern Ardebil province, on Friday. 

A budget of 160 billion rials ($3.8 million at the official exchange rate of 42,000 rials per dollar) was allocated to the project, the provincial tourism chief announced during the inauguration ceremony. 

Situated in the Qutursui tourist area, the center has the most acidic mineral spa in the world, CHTN quoted Nader Fallahi as saying. 

Water for the hydrotherapy center is sourced from hot water springs in the area, which is beneficial for skin ailments, the official added. 

This new complex, which features separate sections for women and men, will allow Meshkinshahr to attract more tourists from abroad and grow its tourism industry twice as fast as before, he noted. 

Meshkinshahr embraces several historical sites including Qale Khohneh (“Old Castle”), the ancient site of Shahr-e Yeri, and Qahqaheh castle.

Situated near the high Mount Sabalan, Meshkinshahr enjoys a moderate mountainous climate and the Sabalan summit can be seen in the south of the city with eye-catching sceneries. The antiquity of the city dates back to the early centuries of Islam but in the Safavid era, it was thriving even more. The city is well known for its rugs and its mineral springs.

Meshkinshahr suspension bridge with 345 meters long, 3 meters wide, and 80 meters high, which was inaugurated in 2015 and is said to be the largest of its kind in West Asia, is also one of the top tourist destinations of the city.


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